HOPO Won 1.5 Million USD of the A Round of Financing


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, June 28, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — On 20th,June, the new e-cigarette brand HOPO recently won 1.5 Million USD-level A round of financing, and the current round of financing has not been disclosed.

However, after the A round of financing, HOPO will increase investment in team formation ,product research and development, At the same time, the remaining funds will be used for the company's future operations and the construction of the international market.

Shenzhen HOPO Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2019. The company team has a background in technology from the US and Canada, as well as veterans who have been deeply involved in the e-cigarette industry for many years. The company have rich experience in Internet and e-commerce operations, and their development potential is immeasurable.

It is reported that HOPO has invested over 1 million USD in product development in the early stage of development, and the company will release the first new product HOPO - IRON on 28th,June.

HOPO adheres to the innovative concept in atomization technology and E-liquid technology. In terms of atomization technology, the cartridge uses a new structural design, multiple leak-proof, and perfectly solves problems such as E-liquid leakage, flying E-liquid and paste core in the industry.

Secondly, HOPO has done ample market research on the Chinese market in order to meet the taste needs of Chinese people. Now, the E-liquid flavor of the Chinese tea series is being developed and is expected to be launched in this year.
This tea series of E-liquid uses pure natural plant extract technology to revolutionize the E-liquid component for the first time. It replaces the traditional flavor with pure natural plant extract and spice, making the atomized taste more realistic.

HOPO's brand philosophy is "atomization technology to improve life", the team will steadily and steadily make products, slowly integrate into the e-cigarette market, and transport e-cigarettes to the smokers into a more comprehensive way, creating the big vaping world with more freedom.

HOPO CEO said: At this stage, the e-cigarette products have not yet reached the final form, and the products still have a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, in the situation of e-cigarette product development, supply chain and user awareness, HOPO will invest tens of millions of dollars in product research development and brand marketing, and will further increase capital investment in product technology innovation, E-liquid compatibility and taste, and create the most reliable e-cigarettes, and use technology to improve life.

From the perspective of the global market, according to statistics, there are about 320 million in China, accounting for one-third of the total number of smokers in the world. The number of Chinese smokers is about four times that of American smokers, but the penetration rate of electronic cigarettes in China is less than 1%. The United States has more than 13%. There are more than 1 billion smokers in the world, and the e-cigarette market at home and abroad has great potential for development. We believe that the innovation and technological strength of HOPO will be able to stand out from many emerging e-cigarette brands in the future.

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Mobile Browsing is on the Rise, Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Results Driven Marketing Your Google Girls and Guys

Mobile Browsing Has Skyrocketed, Overtaking Desktop as the Most Popular Digital Platform

With over 35 years of combined experience and expert knowledge in a wide range of internet marketing solutions. We turn “clicks into clients®” on a daily basis.”

— Janeene High, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In today’s world, nearly everywhere you turn you see people browsing the internet on their Smartphones and other mobile devices. In fact, mobile web browser usage has skyrocketed over the past few years and has actually overtaken the desktop version as the preferred digital platform. If you think about it, no matter where you are people more likely than not have their smartphone with them and chances are they are using.

It makes sense, our mobile devices are lightweight offering a whole range of digital services that we rely upon on an everyday basis, which can include everything from booking a flight, listening to online radio, utilizing Microsoft, and perusing potential romantic interests on various dating websites.

In other words, the purpose of mobile devices are more than just for reading emails or checking text messages; they now are vital in helping us to conveniently accomplish our daily tasks anywhere, and at any time. So, what does this mean for your business? Keep reading to learn more.

2017 – The Year of the Mobile Site

Over the past few years, the combination of Smartphones, tablets, and now wearable devices continues to push mobile web browsing ahead to record-breaking numbers. Specifically, the latest data demonstrates that we are now well past the tipping point of users preferring a mobile browser over a desktop browser when it comes to browsing the internet.

To illustrate, with Smartphone usage up by nearly 400%, and tablet use also up by almost 1800%, these platforms combine to account for approximately 70% of Internet traffic generated in the U.S. Moreover, according to research sourced by

Moreover, according to research sourced by eMarketer, in 2015, mobile ad spending in the U.S. accounted for 49% of all digital ad spending, resulting in a whopping $28.7 million dollars in sales. Overall, the implications are clear – if you aren’t reaching your target audience via user-friendly mobile searches and displays, you are missing out on a substantial proportion of marketing opportunities and ultimately, sales.

Mobile Design vs Desktop Design

“Everything works differently on mobile, so marketers need to make sure any elements of their websites are always optimized for mobile,” says Lilach Bullock, an award-winning marketing influencer and strategist.

Specifically, think about the difference in the display or screen size between a mobile device, such as an Apple iPhone, which typically ranges from 4.7″ to 6.1″ in size; and an iMac desktop computer, which typically ranges from 21″ to 27″ in size.

Creating a mobile-friendly web browser or browser app that fits the screen of any mobile device is crucial to creating a great user experience in order to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and help you boost conversions.

Your Audience is Now Mobile – How Digital Marketing Can Help

If you want to achieve your projected revenues, you will need to capture your mobile user audience. So, if your site is not a mobile version, you are missing a substantial portion of those mobile users who are searching online. In essence, being able to successfully reach these mobile device users can make a huge monetary difference for your company. But, how do you do that?

With keeping mobile friendliness in mind when designing a mobile website to create a great user experience! In response to the emerging mobile browsing trend, we’ve recently added True Mobile Web Design services to our comprehensive list of services, which can dramatically improve your mobile online presence, resulting in more views, greater leads, and ultimately, increased sales and profits.

Give Your Customers a Premium Web Experience on Their Mobile Devices

The mobile web is quickly becoming one the most used ways of searching for businesses and information to date. To keep up with the times, your mobile site needs to be optimized in all the proper ways so that it is mobile-friendly. Meaning, your site can be seen on all devices, whether it’s an android, iphone ios, or samsung, without formatting issues; something that is all too common with websites these days.

We all have visited those sites that have poor optimization and don’t shrink down to the size of your phone screen, making it almost impossible to search the site for what you intended on finding. It is such an unpleasant experience. Businesses who are the victims of this get less web traffic, fewer conversions, and less potential client leads. Don’t be one of those businesses. Let Results Driven Marketing optimize your site so you can get the results you deserve.

Designing Creative & Stunning Mobile Browsing Experiences

Recent statistics show that a majority of organic internet search traffic is conducted on mobile devices. The current projections for mobile usage growth estimate mobile doubling by 2019. If your site is not mobile-friendly, meaning it can’t be viewed properly on tablets, smartphones, and similar devices, you are missing over half of those that are searching for your product or service. Ouch!

A true mobile site is not like a traditional responsive or “mobile-friendly” site. Instead, true mobile sites make maneuverability much easier and the website more accessible, creating an overall better user experience. Things look better and are rendered to fit the screen size.

Top Web Browsers

The popularity of Google Chrome on the desktop with Chrome as a default browser plays a role in the popularity of the Chrome app on mobile devices. The app automatically syncs everything from your desktop version of Chrome including your browsing history, login information, and bookmarks. The app also allows users incognito mode.

Opera Software pioneered the Opera mini, with its Small Screen Rendering (SSR) and Medium Screen Rendering (MSR) technology.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser for mobile devices is full-featured, customizable and fast. The app allows users to enter Private Browsing mode

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

According to the latest com Score report, an average American spends 71% of their digital screen time on a mobile device. It’s no more a luxury to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing for mobile version, but a necessity.

Every year Google announced at least a couple of official updates for its search algorithm. And it’s becoming increasingly obvious that they are moving towards a mobile browser first world.

As the total number of users who prefer a mobile browser slowly take over desktop browsing users, personalized search, deep learning and relevance of local search are going to dominate SEO in the years to come.

In spite of the changing landscape, many businesses don’t have a plan to deal with the trends and convert mobile browser traffic. Apart from designing responsive web pages for mobile, mobile SEO is increasingly playing an important part in ranking well on SERP’s.

At Results Driven Marketing, we take being on top of new trends and ahead of the competition very seriously. We are the digital marketing experts when it comes to mobile web design, social media, search engine optimization, and developing digital marketing strategies. If you would like to learn more about how you can create your own mobile-friendly site or turn it into the best browser, contact us today either online or at (215) 393-8700.

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Swissbit introduces industrial grade USB flash drive 'U-50n' – USB 3.1 flash drive key for industrial applications

Swissbit PU-50n Nano USB Flash Drive

Swissbit PU-50n Nano, small, reliable, durable and secure

Swissbit introduces U-50n (Nano) – a small & robust USB 3.1 flash drive with capacities from 8-64GB intended for IoT and industrial applications.

BRONSCHHOFEN, SWITZERLAND, June 27, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Swissbit announces the introduction of its U-50n (Nano) – a small and robust USB 3.1 flash drive with capacities from 8 to 64GB intended for IoT and industrial applications which need more than just a USB drive.

The new U-50n offers all the features required by demanding applications. The specified operational temperature ranges from -40 to 85°C, metal housing provides mechanical stability, the 30µ" gold connector withstands frequent insertions and the molded COB (Chip On Board) package makes the device shock- and vibration-proof. Manufactured and tested in Swissbit's own production site in Berlin, Germany, the Nano is a prime example of the company's advanced packaging capabilities.

Fast and durable
The U-50n features sophisticated page-based firmware which accelerates random write operation while significantly reducing write amplification. The performance for sequential read/write access is 135/65 MB/s while the random operation excels with 2500/700 IOPS. Especially applications with high random write data rates typical for data logging use cases benefit from the for USB flash drives unprecedented endurance level.

While most USB 3.1 consumer drives are optimized for high sequential speed, the U-50n is tuned for industrial usage. Swissbit's data care management runs in the background and constantly monitors the health of the data, refreshes weak pages, and ensures protection against sudden power losses. The U-50n is based on 15nm MLC NAND flash. Its durability and frozen BOM (Bill Of Material) makes the Nano attractive for long-term usage.

Applications with even higher performance requirements and durability are best served with the pSLC version U-56n that offers close to double the performance specifications and a seven-fold endurance-increase, which surpasses the values of most SLC flash drives available on the market.

Both variations are supported by Swissbit's Lifetime Monitor which displays highly detailed device status information including flash utilization and WAF.

USB key with optional security features
As a specialist in combining storage and security, the PU-50n DP is Swissbit's highly protected version of the U-50n. This device has integrated hardware encryption and access protection which by far surpasses the software solutions used by consumer devices. Equal to a credit card, the PU-50n has a retry counter which completely blocks access when a specified number of illegal password attempts has been exceeded. The PU-50n is a GDPR (EU-General Data Protection Regulation) compliant portable storage solution as well as a license and configuration token for industrial automation.

"I'm proud to announce the introduction of our U-50n which is a shining example of our impressive manufacturing capabilities and demonstrates our firmware expertise. And with the PU-50n we have created an exciting combination of reliable storage and security which is the direction Swissbit is heading," says Silvio Muschter, CEO of Swissbit.

About Swissbit
Swissbit AG is the largest independent manufacturer of storage and security solutions for demanding industrial and IoT applications in Europe. Swissbit combines its unique competences in embedded memory and flash storage products with cutting-edge security technology and its expertise in advanced packaging to store, protect and process data reliably in industrial, NetCom, automotive, medical and finance sectors. The company manufactures industrial strength flash storage and security products “Made in Germany” with long-term availability, high reliability and durability as well as custom optimization. Swissbit’s flash range includes SSDs with PCIe and SATA interface such as mSATA, Slim SATA, CFast™, M.2 and 2.5” as well as CompactFlash, USB flash drives, SD, micro SD memory cards and managed NAND BGAs. Security products are available in various application specific editions as USB flash drives, SD, and micro SD memory cards. Swissbit was founded in 2001 through a management buy-out of Siemens AG, and has offices in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Japan and Taiwan.

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HPC Market Findings released by Mind Commerce

HPC Market Report

HPC Market Report

HPC Market Sizing

HPC Market Sizing

Sees AI as Catalyst for High Performance Computing Optimization and Enabler of Greater Supercomputer Availability to Small and Mid-sized Market Segments

Very Long Tail Opportunity in HPC will be Realized through Use of AI Tools. HPC as a Service will Reach Scale Only through Greater Supercomputer Accessibility.”

— Mind Commerce

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — High Performance Computing (HPC) refers to high speed computation, which may be provided via a supercomputer or via parallel processing techniques such as leveraging clusters of computers to aggregate computing power. HPC is well-suited for applications that require high performance data computation such as certain financial services, simulations, and various R&D initiatives.

The market is currently dominated on the demand side by large corporations, universities, and government institutions. This is poised to change as HPC-as-a-Service (HPCaaS) becomes more commonly available, partially due to new on-demand supercomputer service offerings, and in part as a result of emerging AI based tools for engineers.

Accordingly, up to 43% of revenue will be directly attributable to the cloud-based business model via HPCaaS, which makes High Performance Computing solutions available to a much wider range of industry verticals and companies, thereby providing computational services to solve a much broader array of problems.

In a recent study, Mind Commerce conducted interviews with major players in the market as well as smaller, lesser known companies that are believed to be influential in terms of innovative solutions that are likely to drive adoption and usage of both cluster-based HPC and supercomputing.

In an effort to identify growth opportunities for the HPC market, the firm investigated market gaps including unserved and underserved markets and submarkets. The research and advisory firm uncovered a market situation in which HPC currently suffers from an accessibility problem as well as inefficiencies and supercomputer skill gaps. Stated differently, the market for HPC as a Service (e.g. access to high performance computing services) currently suffers from problems related to utilization, scheduling, and set-up time to run jobs on a supercomputers.

Mind Commerce identified start-ups and small companies working to solve these problems. For example, the company talked to the Co-founder and CEO of Braket Inc., which is a company that was a spin-off from the University of Toronto with the goal to build the next-gen optimization tools for HPCs using AI and Quantum Computing. Their focus: HPC scheduling. As supercomputing resources are typically scarce and expensive, scheduling is important to ensure optimal computational workload scheduling.

The strategic advisory firm identified challenge areas such as some HPC platforms that have low utilization but (ironically) also high wait times. Scheduling can be a challenge in terms of workload time estimation. About 20% of jobs are computationally heavy 30% of jobs cannot be defined very well in terms of how long jobs will take (within 3 minute window at best). In many instances, users request substantive resources and don’t actually use computing time.

In addition to the scheduling challenge, Mind Commerce also identified a company focused on solving additional problems such as computational planning and engineering. We spoke with the principal of a little known company called Microsurgeonbot, Inc. (doing business as MSB.ai), which is developing a tool for setting up computing jobs for supercomputers.

The company is working to solve major obstacles in accessibility and usability for HPC resources. The company focuses on solving a very important problem in HPC: Supercomputer job set-up and skills gap. Their solution known as "Guru" is poised to make supercomputing much more accessible, especially to engineers in small to medium sized businesses that do not have the same resources or expertise as large corporate entities.

High Performance Computing Market by Component, Infrastructure, Services, Price Band, HPC Applications, Deployment Types, Industry Verticals, and Regions 2019 – 2024 evaluates the HPC market including companies, solutions, use cases, and applications. Analysis includes HPC by organizational size, software and system type, server type and price band, and industry verticals. The report also assesses the market for integration of various artificial intelligence technologies in HPC. It also evaluates the exascale-level HPC market including analysis by component, hardware type, service type, and industry vertical.

In related research, Mind Commerce has also identified a strong relationship between future sixth generation (6G) solutions and HPC. More specifically, the 6G technology market will enable certain advanced capabilities such as wireless sensing and detection that will entail the use of enormous amounts of data. While some of this data will necessarily be handled by edge computing resources, much of it will require processing by more centralized HPC resources.

About Mind Commerce

Mind Commerce is an information services company that provides research and strategic analysis focused on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Our ICT reports provide key trends, projections, and in-depth analysis for infrastructure, platforms, devices, applications, services, emerging business models and opportunities.

We focus on key emerging and disintermediating technology areas for service providers, technology providers, developers (communications, applications, content, and commerce), systems integrators and consultants, government organizations and NGOs, and the financial community. Visit us at https://mindcommerce.com/

MEDIA: We welcome discussions about our research in support of your news article, blog, or professional industry portal.

Contact us via email at Contact@MindCommerce.com or Call: +1 206 395 9205

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About Mind Commerce

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Introducing VOLTA, a Levitating Light from Floately that Illuminates More than just Your Home

Combining science and modern technology, this classic light bulb has the power to levitate as a result of electromagnetic forces between the base and the bulb

– Levitates silently all day & night

A perfect companion for your nightstand

Combining science and modern technology, this classic light bulb has the power to levitate as a result of electromagnetic forces between the base and the bulb.

Volta, the innovative levitating light from the levitation scientists at Floately, is a chic and minimalist levitating bulb that fits any décor style”

— Floately

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 26, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — For the first time, the power of levitation has been made affordable for every home and office. Volta, the innovative levitating light from the levitation scientists at Floately, is a chic and minimalist levitating bulb that fits any décor style. Whether in the classroom, the boardroom, or the living room, Volta illuminates much more than the space it occupies; it’s iconic bulb sparks ideas and represents the future of innovation.

Volta was launched by Floately in March, but it has already sold thousands of units, and production capacity is expanding so units are back in stock. Floately attributes the success of Volta to its durability, style, and attractive pricing. Volta is currently available at floately.com and costs 70% less than competing levitating lights on the market.

Volta is battery-free, durable, and safe for use at all ages. There are no gimmicks here—this is real levitation technology. There are no wires, strings, or supports of any kind connecting the Volta bulb to its base.

It works by generating its own magnetic field with precisely balanced polarities. There are four electromagnets in the Volta base and one magnet in the bulb. The magnetic field created by the electromagnets resists the magnet in the bulb, holding it firmly in mid-air. Using advanced hall sensors and precise measurements, the scientists at Floately achieved a perfectly still levitation that does not tilt or wobble. Users are even able to touch the bulb without interrupting its tranquil float.

The electromagnets in Volta’s base are guaranteed to last forever. They require no batteries and no assembly. Volta functions when plugged into a normal power source, and its soft glow occurs thanks to advanced induction technology that transmits electricity wirelessly through Volta’s electromagnetic field.

Volta emits a soft, calming light conducive to relaxation and peaceful productivity. Its mahogany wooden base was made to complement any room or design style, and it can be easily moved from place to place.

Volta’s bulb is not a standard incandescent lightbulb. It is ultra durable and reinforced to prevent breakage, and its contact wires are 10x stronger than those of an average bulb. In fact, Volta was designed to last up to 50x longer than the average bulb). By giving it a slight push, the Volta bulb can even spin as it floats in perfect symmetry, increasing its appeal as a calming and captivating accessory.

Volta was not designed to be a toy or a parlor trick. It is the first levitating bulb that provides real lighting solutions at an affordable price.

Volta is named after the Italian physicist, Alessandro Volta, a pioneer of electricity and power, and credited as the inventor of the electric battery.

About Floately

Floately is scientific endeavor committed to advancing levitation technology in the home. They currently produce four products: a floating light (Volta), a floating bonsai plant, a floating illuminated moon, and a floating UFO Bluetooth speaker.

Floately was founded by a group of scientists who had previously studied levitation technology for use in transportation and other private, large-scale projects. They realized that electromagnetism and wireless electricity could have huge advantages in the home, but very few products were allowing people to take advantage of this emerging technology. They also realized that many products were highly overpriced and were being sold as novelty items, not as practical, durable, and lifelong investments for the home.

Thus, Floately was born of a desire to introduce the average household to the benefits of levitating products in everyday life. Their flagship product, Volta, has proven to be an astounding success, and more levitating accessories are slated to be released in the future.

Volta ships worldwide (while supplies last) and is available in four plug types: US, EU, UK, and AU. To see a demonstration of how Volta works or to place an order, visit floately.com today.

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Introducing Floately VOLTA

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Leading US Industrial Packaging Distributor Acquires Empire Systems

B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake

B2B Industrial Packaging

B2B Industrial Packaging just announced the acquisition of Empire Systems. This is the 8th major acquisition in 10 years for B2B Industrial Packaging.

This company not only brings additional packaging expertise, but decades of valuable experience in a variety of industries”

— B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake

ADDISON, ILL., U.S., June 25, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — B2B Industrial Packaging just announced the acquisition of Empire Systems, distributors of packaging equipment and supplies covering Sacramento, Calif., Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. This is the 8th major acquisition in 10 years for B2B Industrial Packaging.

B2B Industrial Packaging President Bill Drake said, “We are pleased to welcome Empire Systems to our world-class portfolio of outstanding packaging companies. This company not only brings additional packaging expertise, but decades of valuable experience in a variety of industries.” Markets served by Empire Systems include construction, manufacturing, distribution, agriculture and more.

Empire Systems was built on a reputation for outstanding service and a product line geared toward the needs of clients along the West Coast and beyond. The company’s dedicated sales, support and management teams will all be staying on. B2B Industrial Packaging and Empire Systems are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible for Empire Systems’ employees and clients.

Empire Systems Sales Manager, Marty Schaefer said, “We are really excited to be joining B2B Industrial Packaging. Both companies are dedicated to providing packaging solutions and outstanding service. Our clients will benefit from a new focus on system automation and increased throughput.”

B2B Industrial Packaging operates the largest strapping and fastener tool repair facility in the Midwest with 12 full time technicians, servicing clients from the West Coast to the East Coast. These services will be available to all Empire Systems clients.

B2B Industrial Packaging has been on Crain’s list of the fastest growing companies in 2018 and 2019. The company previously acquired Central Packaging in Kansas; Western Metals and Pac Fast in California; the Lesker Corporation, Anasco, Inc, and Rapid-Pac in Illinois and Alpine Packaging in Oregon.

Servicing more than 6,000 active clients, B2B Industrial Packaging sells a full range of packaging equipment and supplies including steel strapping, stretch film, and fasteners to clients throughout the U.S. and Mexico. B2B Industrial Packaging is unique in that it also operates three state-of-the-art strapping and fastener tool repair facilities that service the entire U.S. Headquarters are in Addison, Ill. with additional locations in Fort Worth, Texas; Houston; Oakland, Calif.; Los Angeles; Salinas, Calif.; Portland, Ore.; Eugene, Ore.; Seattle and Kansas City, Kan. To contact B2B Industrial Packaging, call 1-877-222-5747, email Caitlin Montgomery at cmontgomery@b2bind.com, or visit www.B2BInd.com.

Jeanna Van Rensselar/B2B Industrial
B2B Industrial Packaging
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NJ Calls to Action for Hotel Worker Safety, AVANTE Responds

Hotel Panic Button

Avante Hotel Panic Button

Avante’s Hotel Panic Button device provides accurate location in real-time. The devices utilizes a rechargeable battery that can last up to 48 hours in a single charge.

New Jersey becomes the first state to mandate a panic button for hotel housekeepers

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Tuesday June 12, 2019, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, signed a law that goes into effect in January requiring hotels with a minimum of 25 guest rooms and above to equip hotel staff with devices to enable safety measurements to those working alone.

There have been many incidents reported where housekeepers have been sexually assaulted by guests and 53% of hotel housekeepers have endured some type of sexual harassment. NJ is ready to make a change in hotel safety. AVANTE's hotel panic button will help hotel employees summon immediate assistance if danger is present. Although many cities such as Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C., already implemented panic buttons, NJ is the first state to require panic buttons. Hyatt, Wyndham and other large hotel chains have already pledged to have this safety system for their employees implemented by 2020.

The hotel panic button can ultimately be a lifeline to housekeepers working alone. Housekeepers often find themselves to be the only worker on a floor in large hotels. AVANTE Hotel Panic Button System has been proven to be effective and successful in many New York City hotels for more than 5 years. Once the housekeeper or maid presses the panic button, the security staff and management will be notified in real-time as in which floor and room the housekeeper in need of assistance is located. Security actions can be taken immediately upon request.

AVANTE is ready to help New Jersey make a change in hotel safety so that people are able to work in a safe and positive environment without the fear of being assaulted.

AVANTE International Technology, Inc. has over 20 years of innovations in providing system security and safety protection for facilities, assets and people. AVANTE has many patented real-time locating systems based on RFID and sensor technologies in protecting people, assets and facilities.

Customer Service
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The Preview Channel Launches on Samsung Smart TVs Nationwide Featuring First Run Movie and Video Game Trailers

The Preview Channel, movie trailers, video game trailers, star and director interviews, free linear tv channel, advertiser supported

The Preview Channel

The Fastest Growing Channel in the OTT Marketplace Targeting the Movie and Video Game Fan Demographic is Now Available in 60 Million + Homes.

"We are delighted to be carried on Samsung, one of the early pioneers and one of most innovative Smart TV manufacturers in the media marketplace and we are proud to become part of their family”.”

— William Sager

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Preview Channel™ (TPC) a free advertiser supported OTT 24/7 linear and AVOD streaming television channel has launched nationwide on Samsung TV Plus and is now available on 2016-2019 Samsung Smart TV’s. The channel, which debuted on the XUMO platform back in February, was developed by William Sager, TPC Founder, Chairman and CEO, along with content partners over the last few years. The Preview Channel™ programs first run movie and video game trailers, as soon as they are available to the retail and online marketplaces, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, star and director interviews plus other original and archival short form movie, TV and video game related themed programming.

The new DTC service, which is 100% free to consumers, offers a constantly refreshing stream of this high production value content featuring productions from the biggest film directors and game designers with the most recognizable stars on the planet. Most programming is produced by the major studios and video game publishers, including Paramount, MGM/UA, Universal, Disney, 21st Century Fox, Lions Gate, EA, Activision, and many independents.

“The Preview Channel™ is delighted to be carried on Samsung, one of the early pioneers and one of most innovative Smart TV manufacturers in the media marketplace and we are proud to become part of their family” said Sager.

This Summer TPC will begin to also be distributed internationally in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Brazil and Italy and the channel is carried on 1 million T-Mobile Metro PCS mobile phones (in the ‘Metro Play’ section). Sager further noted: “we are also testing the channel with a large television broadcaster here in the U.S. for OTA and cable must carry coverage nationwide.”

Among other TPC developments Sager added that: “We will be integrating a ‘first’ alert system (SMS/Text) so fans can get texts the second their favorite trailers first debut on the channel and we are also voice-enabling the channel so you can make requests to find certain star interviews or request specific programs by simply asking ‘Alexa’.”

The initial response from movie and video game fans on XUMO Smart TVs has been excellent with TPC ranking consistently in the top 10 ‘most popular’ of Xumo’s 166 channels.

The Preview Channel™ is endeavoring to build an unique television experience for movie, TV and video game enthusiasts by ultimately making on demand access available to one of the largest library of trailers and movie and TV- related content consisting of 50,000 classic movie trailers (from the 40’s to present) – 7,000 behind-the-scenes star and director interviews – 50,000 movie clips – 7,000 video game trailers and 20,000 classic TV trailers.

You can watch The Preview Channel™ on Channel 1451 on Samsung’s TV Plus. The channel can also be found on Channel 276 on XUMO’s TV Plus or you can watch the channel today using the XUMO app on iTunes, Google Play, Roku or Amazon’s Fire TV stick. And beginning in August you can find the channel on TiVo. Links to the apps are below:

http://bit.ly/2KpgNgs – Desktop on Xumo TV
http://bit.ly/2uYR0RI – on GooglePlay
http://bit.ly/2uWiffF – on Roku
https://apple.co/2KEl53R – on iTunes
https://amzn.to/2DxLkmp – on Amazon Fire TV
https://thepreviewchannel.com/ – on The Preview Channel


The Preview Channel™ is a 24/7 advertiser supported linear channel as well as an AVOD channel that features and premiers first run movie and video game trailers, most of them well in advance of their theatrical release and retail distribution for fans worldwide. The channel provides its affiliates and consumers a constantly refreshing stream of high production value content featuring productions from the biggest film directors and game designers with the most recognizable movie stars in the world.


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Source: EIN Presswire

WIMI Hologram AR's AI Interactive Vision Technology Brings Holographic Characters to Everyday Life

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — When watching the Hollywood blockbuster, there is a scene we are very familiar with: the protagonist swings his hand, and a three-dimensional virtual display screen appears in front of him, and the content on the screen can be switched at will. In many museums, concerts or fashion shows, we often see similar three-dimensional images, which have shocking and vivid effects and is called as "holographic projection" by people. The scenes in Hollywood blockbusters have now become reality. The holographic girlfriend created by WIMI Hologram AR began to walk into the mass.

"Holographic projection technology" refers to that an object has motion trajectory, spatial position and other information in addition to a simple appearance and color, which is difficult to be presented by traditional photos. But if these can be recorded in some way, the picture will show a 3D effect, and we can get all the information of this object, which is called holography. Holographic projection is a technology that records and reproduces the real three-dimensional images of the object by making use of the principle of interference and diffraction.

Holographic projection technology was first proposed by physicist Dennis Gabor in 1974. With the discovery of laser in the 1960s, the holographic projection technology has also ushered in rapid development. Nowadays, the realization of holographic projection mainly relies on several methods such as water mist projection, holographic film projection and so forth. Among them, the holographic film technology has realized large-scale commercialization with its low cost. Most of the stereoscopic images we see on the stage are realized through this way.

As an integrated entity of holographic AI cloud industry with the largest scale, the most complete industry chain and the best performance, WIMI Hologram AR has launched a socialized holographic cloud system specific to domestic market to create unique holographic AI interactive experience. The applications cover high-end home holographic entertainment, 5G holographic communication, holographic office meetings, holographic KTV rooms, holographic music saloon, holographic dancing hall, holographic bars and nightclubs, holographic high-end catering, holographic amusement parks, holographic indoor play, etc. Its application of the holographic technology in domestic social platforms is truly unique.

Mike Jackson is the most famous deceased singer in the world. Americans have synthesized and made Jackson's holographic concerts through the holographic software technology. Each ticket of the concert in Las Vegas and other places is sold for hundred of dollars, and there are nearly 1,000 audience in each concert every day, which has lasted for several years. Jackson's holographic concert is almost full every day, accumulating more than 1 billion U.S. dollars at the box office. It can be confirmed from this aspect that stage IP is also the most easily realized part in the holographic industry. Of course, this is also the most experienced visual experience brought by holographic technology.

Among holographic character IP in the construction of WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud platform, there is not only the IP of holographic girlfriend. WIMI Hologram AR, with focus on strategic IP and key IP, cooperates with film & television, animation and other institutions to jointly develop holographic animation and film & television works (such as micro film, serial dram, scene play, etc.) with shared copyright; it explores the feasibility of developing the holographic concert IP of deceased singers such as Huang Jiaju; it conducts IP development cooperation with film and television companies, commercial real estate companies, brand institutions, automobile manufacturers, etc. Relying on its rich IP resource library; it is access to high-quality scripts relying on internal production strength and creates unique IP by means of self-development + outsourcing.

The development of IP cannot be carried out without the technical support of holographic AI. Through many years of research and development, WIMI Hologram AR team has built third-generation holographic AI technology products. Its high simulation and user experience can be described as amazing. The Holographic virtual stage and holographic virtual character (holographic content IP) is one of the core industries in the virtual reality industry, and one of the industries that have proved to be the most profitable in the world.

When the era of real 5G communication comes, communications with people are no longer limited to both ends of the screen but can truly achieve three-dimensional real-time interaction in the 5G holographic video calls. As soon as the connection is made, digital images (that is, the hologram) are transmitted immediately, as if the two sides were chatting face to face in the same room. Going a little closer, seeing from the side, people can see the stereo effect of the other side's movements, and even see the precise details of the other side's skin. The holographic image is captured through the high-definition camera of holographic device, rendered via a cloud server and displayed dynamically during the call, which breaks through the traditional communication barrier. You can imagine sitting in front of a campfire and chatting with friends at any time, watching a movie in a private theater with your friends, holding meetings or other events anywhere in the world.

Previously the public only stayed at the level of immature technology, or perhaps disturbing different people will have different requirements for the appearance of holographic girlfriends. After years of development, holographic AI and other technologies are becoming more mature, and holographic AI interactive vision is an irresistible trend. WIMI Hologram AR has such a special holographic display device, which can make the hardware that is currently equipped with have a 3D image through other technical means. For example, with the mobile phone AR, there will be 3D image in mobile phone, which can be summoned when the user needs it, and the camera of the phone can also recognize others' movements and expressions, helping to obtain visual parts. Smart speakers can project images outward by the projection technology. Chat members in WIMI Hologram AR's holographic platform can decide their facial expressions through their expression buttons. In fact, the expression of virtual characters is very rich in the chat, and smiles, grin and various details can be displayed. WIMI Hologram AR's ultimate goal is to make the scene of holographic AI interaction bring people an immersive experience, including voice, motion and facial expression tracking. WIMI Holographic cloud platform can provide one-stop service, virtualize top entertainers and make virtual characters become stars. It is able to break through the time and geographical conditions through the holographic cloud. The holographic cloud choreography platform can provide combined and rich presentation of virtual effect, virtualize the physical scene, lower the cost and improve the effects presented.

With the change of bandwidth conditions of the 5G holographic communication network, 5G holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic meeting, and holographic conference will gradually spread to the direction of holographic social intercourse, holographic communication and holographic home application. WIMI Hologram AR plans to support to the holographic cloud platform service and 5G communication holographic application with multiple technologically innovative systems based on the core technology of holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face changing technology.

In the history of human audiovisual technology, the pursuit of higher definition has always been a fundamental law. The standards of the broadcasting and television has been upgraded from standard definition, high definition, full high definition and 4K to 8K pilot stage and high-simulation holographic image of Rio Olympic Games in 2016. This kind of law will inevitably be reflected in the high-end engineering display. In the application of virtual simulation of large-scale cultural centers, cultural and tourism projects, sports venues and competition sites, and aerospace and nuclear industry, holographic technology means higher information carrying capacity and better visual experience. Real-time interaction has become the most subversive social innovation under the supplementation of 5G network. The social scenes have also expanded from reality to richer virtual reality, and immersive visual experience has made the social intercourse more immersive.

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Source: EIN Presswire

WIMI Hologram AR's Multi-Scenario Application to Build AI Vision in Holographic Driving Field

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 25, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to the estimates of the third party, 2020 will be year when the commercialization of automatic driving market commences. From 2020 to 2025, the annual composite growth rate of passenger vehicle sales will exceed 80%; in 2020 and 2030, the front loading of domestic automatic driving alone will reach 8.5 billion U.S. dollars and 63.8 U.S. dollars respectively in the market scale; if the automatic driving vehicle sales and automotive driving travel service market are counted, the total market scale in China will reach about 40 billion U.S. dollars and 550 billion U.S dollars respectively in 2020 and 2030.

As the state of intelligent terminal of automobile, unmanned driving has become a key project for various OEMs, chip factories and technology companies to strengthen research and development in the field of intelligent vehicle. The automotive electronic technologies involved in intelligent vehicle include safe driving, communication and navigation, visual intelligence and various recognition technologies, environmental protection technologies, etc. WIMI Hologram AR keep upgrading its holographic technology, and creates a new generation of holographic driving AI visual system with the new IP.

Unmanned driving holographic AI technology sounds unfamiliar. It is actually a sign of advancement of artificial intelligence technology, and an important field of artificial intelligence technology. With the victory of "alpha dog" over chess masters some time ago, people have had some psychological preparation for the advent of the era of artificial intelligence.

WIMI Hologram AR focuses on the computer vision holographic cloud service. It is one of the integrated entities of holographic cloud industry with the largest scale, the most complete industry chain and the best performance, aiming at becoming a holographic cloud platform with the most potential and most international influence.

WIMI Hologram AR covers many links in the holographic AR technologies such as holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising launch, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development and holographic AI face change development. With the one-stop service capability, it has grown into one of the largest integrated technology solution providers of holographic cloud in China.

Holography is based on digital information technology. WIMI Holographic cloud is combined with the media presentation of multiple innovative forms, such as the network, holographic IP development, holographic AR game / application development & production, digital movies, smart phones, holographic display, AR / virtual reality glasses, holographic theater, air imaging, etc.; at the same time, in the Internet era, the connection and integration of cultural products of pan-entertainment is obvious, and games, literature, animation, film & television, music and drama are no longer developed in isolation, but they can jointly build a new industry and market ecology. AR holographic technology is a new stage for visual communication design, and its characteristics of infinite interactive, god interaction, wide spread, high speed & high efficiency, entertainment demand and user viscosity bring huge market development space. As a new means of visual communication, AR holography fully meets the development needs of the pan-entertainment era with rich content of presentation, diverse patterns of presentation, and infectious and shocking presentation effects.

The holographic industry is a typical high-tech service industry, and its every technological innovation and technological advancement will continue to promote the development of the industry. For WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud, the rapid development of computer equipment, the improvement of intelligence, networking and digitization, the upgrading of system hardware and software, the introduction of new database technology and middleware technology, the emergence of new development platforms and design ideas are all continuously improving the service and technical level of WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud service to some extent. The improvement of the technology has promoted the continuous upgrade of services in the AR holographic industry, and the continuous iteration of AR holographic presentation form has also enriched the expression form of holographic visual communication, better meeting the individual needs of customers. In addition, along with the rapid expansion of network bandwidth, the gradual commercial popularization of 5G networks, the acceleration of digital content dissemination in recent years, various high-quality holographic contents will be applied more widely on the mobile terminal, and high-quality content can effectively enhance the customer experience.

The vehicle intelligence is imperative, and is currently speeding up the landing. Policies, markets, technologies and so forth will all become drivers of the explosion and growth of the automatic driving market. In 2015, it was proposed in "Made in China 2025" for the first time that unmanned driving should be one of the important directions for the future transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. By 2017, policies supporting the automatic driving have been issued intensively. Multiple heavyweight policies explicitly support the development of the automatic driving industry, and position the year 2020 as a key time node.

Interestingly, overseas institutions are very optimistic about the prospects of driverless cars in China. According to a report released by the US IHS Automotive Information Consulting Co., Ltd., the global sales of driverless cars will reach 21 million sets by 2035, significantly higher than the estimate two years ago. Among them, China will become the largest driverless car market. It is predicted in the report that there will be more than 5.7 million driverless cars in China by 2035.

Domestic policies are introduced successively to support the development of intelligent vehicles, and the century-old automobile industry is ushering in a new round of transformation. At present, China has surpassed the United States to become the world's largest automobile market. China's new energy automobile industry chain is maturing, forcing traditional vehicle manufacturers to make breakthroughs and innovate. As the key technology of unmanned driving is continuously mature, consumers are also open to the driverless vehicles, and artificial intelligence technology, especially the significant development of deep learning has provided conditions for the realization of automotive driving. With the continuous development of Internet communication technology, China's 5G communication technology will meet the needs of networked autonomous vehicles for high data bandwidth and transmission speed… All of these conditions will make China the best market for the commercialization of automatic driving, and will provide a better and broader stage for companies such as WIMI Hologram AR.

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Source: EIN Presswire