CoinFlip Collaborates With VegaWallet For Official Cryptocurrency Wallet Partner

CoinFlip And VegaWallet Partner To Make Buying Cryptocurrency Easier Than Every Before.

VegaWallet Is Now An Official Wallet For CoinFlip, Providing Further Real World Applications For Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin And Dash Across The United States

VegaWallet (Crypto:VGW)

We feel the partnership will open new avenues for those curious about cryptocurrency to start making every day purchases and payments with Dash and other supported assets.”

— Tarek Hajri – CEO of VegaWallet

ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2019 / — CoinFlip, the worldwide leader for cryptocurrency ATM technology, has announced a partnership with VegaWallet, the complete cryptocurrency platform, to further expand mass adoption and real-world applications for blockchain-based payment protocols. Through the partnership, VegaWallet will become the official wallet of CoinFlip and integrate many options for current and future users of their encompassing cryptocurrency ATM network.

VegaWallet has recently announced a complete overhaul of their advanced cryptocurrency wallet. The full upgrade will include a simpler to use interface layout and tutorial options to introduce newcomers to the interesting world of digital assets. Along with this amazing interface update will be a long list of new features. Among these features will be the option to exchange and purchase cryptocurrency, that’s where CoinFlip comes in. Users upon selecting to purchase a specific currency will be directed to a panel where they have the option to view the closest ATM to their current location and will even be eligible to receive discount codes among other special offers. After completing the purchase process at any CoinFlip ATM, VegaWallet will make depositing your funds into a secure wallet easier than ever before by just scanning a QR code or entering your account details.

Tarek Hajri, CEO of VegaWallet, said: “We are excited to start the integration of CoinFlip into our upcoming cryptocurrency wallet update. We feel the partnership will open new avenues for those curious about cryptocurrency to start making everyday purchases and payments with Dash and other supported assets.”

The partnership opens up an astounding list of opportunities between these two established companies with future collaborations in sight. VegaWallet will be diligently working with the CoinFlip developers for further integrations as both platforms continue towards a common goal of cryptocurrency mass adoption in real-world applications. VegaWallet will be releasing their complete point of sale for physical retail use later this year. One of the main features of their upcoming POS system will be the ability to purchase cryptocurrency at customer checkout. This collaboration provides the inevitable opportunity of transforming every retail check out into a CoinFlip ATM with the help of VegaWallet.

Why is this huge news for the Dash community?
CoinFlip and VegaWallet both currently support InstantSend capabilities for the Dash network, which enables Dash to be moved between VegaWallet and CoinFlip platforms in about a second for less than a cent. With the main focus on payments and new user acquisition Dash is poised to make another break-out in the lead for real use cases across the United States. As more users and merchants continue to sign-on for these company’s services, Dash can expect a direct increase in user growth.

Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor, said: “It’s extremely exciting for us to see two of our trusted partners — both of which have integrated InstantSend — work together to expand mass adoption and real world applications for blockchain-based payment protocols. This partnership will drastically improve user experience, aligning with Dash’s mission to become more accessible and user-friendly for the everyday person. In addition, this will open up new use cases for Dash throughout the United States and will showcase how Dash can be used seamlessly as an everyday method of payment.”

About VegaWallet:
VegaWallet aims to be a global leader in providing real world applications for blockchain based payment protocols. They pride themselves in offering a complete cryptocurrency platform for their user base and have specific strategies in place for massive improvements to current products available on the market. Their development team is tirelessly working on the next generation of cryptocurrency payments system and an advanced exchange revolving around the multi-signature implementation provided by BitGo Inc. Users can download their secure wallet application on the App Store, Google Play, or for Desktop on their website. Learn more at

About CoinFlip
Coinflip is a leading Bitcoin ATM operator in the US. They provide the ability to buy & sell 7 different cryptocurrencies. With 24/7 customer service through phone or the internet, a simple purchasing experience is guaranteed.

About Dash:
Dash is the leading e-commerce and payments-focused digital currency, and the rising alternative to bitcoin. Experiencing significant growth since its beginnings in 2014, Dash is now accepted at more than 4,800 merchants, including 2,500+ in Venezuela, in addition to being accessible via 800+ ATMs and 120+ exchanges worldwide- making it one of the few offering safe, decentralized financial solutions to real world problems. Dash offers a form of money that is portable, inexpensive, divisible, and fast. It can be spent easily and instantly online at merchants across the globe, at much lower fees than credit and debit cards. With over 60 members on the team and a unique blockchain mining and treasury model, Dash is the only major self-funded, self-governed organization in the cryptocurrency industry. This allows for constant development and funding for the entire project.

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