HD Mask: Military-Grade Invisible Surveillance Tech, Now Available to the Public

HD Mask doubles as a functional USB phone charger

Actual camera footage from HD Mask’s 1080p lenses

Ultra discreet, ultra powerful

HD Mask is the leading brand in surveillance technology, trusted by thousands for its discreet yet powerful monitoring capabilities.

HD Mask allows people who know nothing about technology or security to keep their property and families safe”

— HDMask

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — After an initial release on exclusive distribution channels since 2016, HD Mask, the cutting-edge military-grade surveillance camera, has launched worldwide. The HD Mask flagship USB Surveillance Camera is a HD 1080p video camera disguised as a fully-functional USB phone charger. The camera plugs directly into a standard power outlet, requires no battery, and shoots wide-angle HD video 24/7. The HD Mask ships for free in the USA and is available for purchase now at hdmask.com.

HD Mask was developed by engineering and surveillance specialists. The they originally set out was to develop a surveillance camera that never needed to be charged or maintained. They conceptualized a discreet camera that could be taken anywhere in your pocket and could easily connect to a power source. After months of research and development, the HD Mask camera was born.

HD Mask was originally made available to buyers within the security sector, but after surpassing 10,000 units sold, it soon became clear that it was becoming a new standard in portable surveillance. The HD Mask team then set to work developing a brand new model for the general public—one that was affordable, easy to use, and hidden in plain sight.

“HD Mask allows people who know nothing about technology or security to keep their property and families safe,” explains one of the founder of HD Mask. “There are no wires, batteries or screws. Just take it out the box and plug it in. We’re proud to be launching this American-designed product to the public, and we hope it brings awareness and peace of mind to customers across the nation.”

HD Mask measures about 1.5 inches on all sides, but it’s full of cutting-edge features. It is WiFi enabled and comes with a native app so users can monitor live footage from one or more cameras from anywhere on the globe. When the internet is unstable, HD Mask can record video onto a micro SD card that is invisible when the camera is connected to a power source, as its space is located on the rear of the usb charger.

HD Mask features advanced motion detection technology, so if the user wishes, the camera will only record when movement is detected and also alert the user via their mobile app when motion is detected. It is also universally compatible with all devices (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) and can send notifications to any device when recording is triggered.

All HD Mask requires is an electrical outlet and it can capture HD video non stop – no need to ever worry about battery life!

Perfect for the home or the office, the 75-degree wide-angle lens on the micro spy camera can capture a full room regardless of where a power outlet is located. Whether you need to ensure your belongings are safe, monitor the kids and babysitter, or keep an eye on your staff when you’re out of the office, the HD Mask is an installation-free solution that won’t be detected, thanks to its exceptional camouflage design.

About HD Mask

HD Mask was founded by surveillance contractors and engineers who wanted to simplify security solutions in a time of complicated technology. Often, people who need home and office security the most—those with young children, the elderly, those who share a work or living space—are the ones who can’t afford or don’t want to install complicated security solutions.

And who can blame them? In a time when apps and streaming services keep getting simpler, security still involves ladders, screws, subscriptions, battery checks and more. HD Mask boils security down to one simple step. By eliminating the need for batteries, charging, installation, and maintenance, the HD Mask founders have delivered military-grade surveillance right to the hands of the people.

To see HD Mask in action or place an order, visit hdmask.com.

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HD Mask – Key Features

Source: EIN Presswire