Electric Wheelchair Market 2020 Share, Trend, Sales, Demand, Segmentation and Global Forecast to 2025

This report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies

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The report on the electric wheelchair market provides an in-depth insight into the electric wheelchair market. The report defines what the electric wheelchair is and how it works. The electric wheelchair can also be called a motorized wheelchair or electrically-powered wheelchair (EPW). These are the wheelchairs that work on electrical power rather than the mechanical process. These wheelchairs are built for those people who can not drive a manual wheelchair or for those who want to travel a long distance as the manual powering of the wheelchair might be difficult for them.

The electrical wheelchairs in the electric wheelchair market are used by disabled people along with the persons who suffer from fatigue-based conditions and with cardiovascular problems. In the global electric wheelchair market, there are various types of designs of the electrical wheelchair. Some of the categories based on which the designs are made include the battery, controller, drive system/chassis, seat, and uses. The report provides information on the challenges and opportunities faced by the participants operating in the electric wheelchair market globally.

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The report on the global electric wheelchair market provides information about the status of the electric wheelchair market and the major trends and dynamics that can affect the market growth and product demand during the forecast period. The report includes data about the market value of the electric wheelchair for the year 2019. The report also provides predictions related to growth prospects for the year 2024. The growth rate of the global electric wheelchair market in terms of CAGR percentage has also been mentioned in the market report. The report provides an idea about how the electrical wheelchair market has been segmented. The report on the electric wheelchair market covers the value and volume of an electric wheelchair at the company level, regional level, and global level. 

Market Key Players

Golden Technologies
Drive Medical
Hoveround Corp
Invacare Corp
EZ Lite Cruiser
21st Century SCIENTIFIC Inc.
Merits Health Products
Pride Mobility Products Corp

Market Segmentation

 The segmentation of the global electric wheelchair market is done on the basis of product types, applications, regions, and companies that are present in the electric wheelchair market globally. Based on the product types, the global electric wheelchair market has been segmented into-

Front-wheel drive electric wheelchair
Center wheel drive electric wheelchair
Standing electric wheelchair

Based on major applications, the global electric wheelchair market has been further segmented into-


The electric wheelchair market has also been segmented based on the major competitors operating at regional levels. For each manufacturer covered, the market report provides detailed information on production procedure, production capabilities, production cost, revenue, market shares, and manufacturing sites in the global market.

Regional Overview

The study on the regional segments of the global electric wheelchair market has been conducted by the report based on the data collected from the local markets based on the market size, growth rate (CAGR) and the forecasts. The regional market data collected for the study of the global electric wheelchair market has been categorized under production, apparent consumption, demand and supply rate, supply chain, regional market dynamics, trends, export, and import. The major regions or countries that are considered in this study are China, India, Mexico, Germany, America, Korea, United States, Canada, Brazil, Southeast Asia, APAC, UK, Australia, Europe, France, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Israel, Middle East &Africa, Russia, and Spain.

Industry News

The company called Dassault Systemes is famous for the production of advanced electric wheelchair. The company has announced a milestone in its 3DEXPERIENCE lab open innovation laboratory and accelerator program. The company’s future mission is to sustain disruptive innovations that will affect society in a positive way. The company is welcoming the new startups, incubator partners, and lab partners to its systems.

Table of Contents

Global Electric Wheelchair Market Growth 2019-2024

1 Scope of the Report

2 Executive Summary

3 Global Electric Wheelchair by Manufacturers

4 Electric Wheelchair by Regions

5 Americas


7 Europe

8 Middle East & Africa

9 Market Drivers, Challenges and Trends

10 Marketing, Distributors and Customer

11 Global Electric Wheelchair Market Forecast

12 Key Players Analysis


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