AUDEA® Ships The World’s First Ultra Smart Speaker That Runs Onboard Music and Video Apps Without A Phone

AUDEA Ultra Smart Speaker Entertainment System

Runs 1,000’s of Apps including Spotify®, YouTube® & Apple® Music Without a Phone.
World’s Highest Quality Smart Speaker with Equalizer and Add-on Speakers.

MURRAY, UT, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2020 / — AUDEA® Ships The World’s First Ultra Smart Speaker That Runs Music and Video Apps Without A Phone.

Runs Onboard 1,000’s of Apps including Spotify®, YouTube®, Apple® Music, Pandora®. Includes Remote and a Built-In Equalizer.

AUDEA®, the world’s first voice controlled “Ultra Smart Speaker” that runs thousands of music and video Apps has begun shipping. AUDEA is a new class of “Ultra Smart Speaker” that unlike simple streaming “smart speakers”, incorporates an App processor and display that allows you to run any App such as Spotify®, Apple Music® and YouTube® so you can browse and play your music and videos with or without a phone.

The AUDEA Ultra Smart Speaker is the only smart speaker that allows you to browse, play and access the features of any App directly on the speaker. “Smart speakers” or “smart displays” only stream wifi or Bluetooth music and show cover art with voice commands respectively. Only AUDEA allows you to browse your music and videos, create playlists, socially interact plus enjoy dozens of other unique App features, all with or without a phone. In comparison, conventional smart speakers like the Amazon® Echo or Sonos® One require you to use voice commands without a display so you can’t browse and play music without a phone or desktop computer.

AUDEA is the world’s highest quality smart speaker because it is not just a wifi streaming speaker but a complete high res 96 kHz 24 bit music player system that incorporates the first adjustable 13 band equalizer (EQ) with digital signal processing (DSP) and supports optional add-on powered speakers that dramatically enhances the spatial, immersive listening experience.

AUDEA is the first truly universal smart speaker. Because AUDEA runs any music or other App, you can play any online streaming music or downloaded music from any music store, in any music format. For example, you can play purchased music on Apple Music, play auto curated music on Spotify, listen to Sirius XM® radio and watch YouTube music videos, all with or without a phone.

You can run virtually any App on AUDEA including music, movies, games, news, weather, Google Assistant® home automation control, phone and video calls, email, texting, social media like Facebook®, cooking, karaoke, broadcast radio, among many others. AUDEA is perfect for custom home integrators who want to customize a home entertainment system for their clients.

“Music lovers just want to browse and listen to their music with or without their phone” said Douglas Kihm, CEO, Founder. “Audea offers for the first time the freedom to instantly browse and play your favorite music with or without a phone. It’s not just a wifi speaker, it’s a complete intelligent, HD quality, music and video entertainment system.” Mr. Kihm continued, “People naturally want to visually browse by artist, genre, personal and daily curated playlists or their stored collection of high res music to choose the music they want to listen to. Conventional voice controlled smart speakers don’t allow you to browse your music while “smart displays” only display cover art. Audea reduces the time and hassle to play music directly on the speaker”.

Only AUDEA gives you full access and control of any Apps features without requiring the use of a phone. Only AUDEA plays high res music you own from your own cloud storage such as Google Drive® or Dropbox® so you don’t have to pay monthly subscription storage fees. AUDEA is the only universal solution that plays all SD and HD formats of music including Apple AAC and ALAC, FLAC, WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis/Opus, WMA, DTS and music from its local storage or from any music store so you are not locked into one music store or streaming service.

AUDEA is the first to play music wirelessly over Wi-fi, Apple Airplay®, DLNA and over the world’s first “2-way” Bluetooth wireless interface which allows you to both stream Bluetooth music to AUDEA from your phone and stream music to Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

AUDEA’s “4-Play” allows you to play music 4 ways including its built-in 7-inch color touch display, a hand-held remote control, voice commands and with a phone, Mac or PC. AUDEA supports Google Assistant® voice control via a 4 microphone far-field array. 4 touch keys on the front panel provides easy volume control, muting and a Google Assistant wake key. Its programmable 48 LED light ring indicates volume level, Google Assistant and other events.

AUDEA is based on patented VOXXI® voice control technology. AUDEA’s unique “private remote voice control” only turns on the microphone when the Remote’s Wake Key is pressed which prevents any potential online eavesdropping of private conversations.

AUDEA includes a convenient hand-held remote that allows you to easily control music and video playback including play, pause, skip and volume plus 6 Pre-sets buttons that give you “one-click” selection of your favorite App. AUDEA’s “EasyUp” periodically updates new software features.

AUDEA has an Aux Input for connecting a TV or phonograph plus an Aux output to connect to a stereo receiver or amplified speakers. A 48 LED, 360-degree Light Ring provides visual indication of volume, system status and system notifications. AUDEAs onboard storage and optional rechargeable battery pack plays stored music without Wifi or AC power. AUDEA incorporates dual class D amplifiers that drives a 5-way speaker system including a 4-inch high excursion, neodymium sub-woofer, two 2-inch mid-range drivers and two 1-inch tweeters. Custom Home Integrators and Users can customize AUDEA’s Apps, Graphic User Interface, Light Ring and Remote instant App launch buttons.

AUDEA® has a retail price of $399 MSRP.
AUDEA® TRIO, a bundled AUDEA with two SoundMate Speakers, has a retail price of $749 MSRP.
SoundMate, a 60-Watt ultra high-quality 2-way active speaker, has a retail price of $179

AUDEA will be available from select USA retailers and from AUDEA's online store.

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