Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa on the Ontario Auto Market Expansion

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa on the Ontario Auto Market Expansion

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 23, 2020 / — Bobby Wilkinson, Ottawa dealer principal, has seen a dramatic uptick of growth in the Canadian auto industry. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the auto industry in Ontario has expanded throughout the summer. This growth will continue throughout the fall and winter months. Production numbers have never been higher, and sales have steadily climbed within the region as new car buyers receive incentives such as low-interest loans and deep price discounts.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Dealer Principal on Ontario's Production Impact
Ontario has been the record holder for top auto production numbers for years. Since 2017, Ontario has produced more vehicles than any other region in North America. More than 2 million cars annually are built in Ontario. The Ontario government has faithfully developed a strategic partnership with the auto industry to aid continued growth. With fair regulations, manufacturers face less red tape and can focus efforts on market diversification. Based on current trends, Bobby Wilkinson predicts that the Ontario auto sector will continue to thrive with higher production numbers, lower operating costs, and more job openings.

Bobby Wilkinson on Growth of Fleet Market
Commercial fleet sales in Ontario has expanded, especially with pickup trucks, according to Bobby Wilkinson. With new construction projects planned throughout the region, large pickups are in high demand. Both retail and commercial truck sales have increased by approximately 8 percent since 2018. Pickup trucks are estimated to make up about 76 percent of the Canadian auto market. Although passenger car sales may decline, SUVs and pickup truck sales are among the fastest-growing segment in the marketplace.

Ontario Embracing New Auto Tech Tools
Bobby Wilkinson praises the automotive industry for embracing changing technology. Car manufacturers and dealers have joined forces in Ontario to take advantage of new technologies to further its expansion efforts. As just one example, GM Canada recently increases its staff to include 1,000 automotive technology technicians. These specialists will develop infotainment and auto-driving systems. Furthermore, Ontario is home to more than 200 companies that have ongoing self-driving vehicle technology projects. Research and development efforts have not slowed down with car manufacturers testing projects within some of North America's most extensive tech facilities.

Sales of cars in Ontario reflect the potential new auto tech has to expand the market even more. Within the first quarter of 2020, electric car sales in Canada increased by 50 percent.  

Bobby Wilkinson, Ottawa based dealer principal, was born and raised in the area. With over 15 years of automotive experience, he has seen the Ontario industry evolve and grow from year to year and is excited about the future market.   

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Source: EIN Presswire