Wall-Smart Flush Mounts for Crestron 70 Series Touch Screens are now Available

Wall-Smart for Crestron

Wall-Smart New Construction mount for TSW-1070 Touch Screens

Wall-Smart for Crestron

Wall-Smart Retrofit mount for TSW-770 Touch Screens

Wall-Smart for Crestron

Wall-Smart Retrofit mount for TSW-570 Touch Screens

Check out all new Wall-Smart flush solutions for Crestron 70 Series Touch Screens, available for New Construction, Solid Surface & Retrofit applications

PETACH-TIKVA, ISRAEL, November 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wall-Smart®, the leader in flush ceiling & wall mounts, presents brand-new recessed mounts for the newly released Crestron® 70 Series Touch Screens, TSW 5", 7" & 10" and TSS 7" & 10". Wall-Smart offers solutions for New Construction, Solid Surface, and Retrofit applications, which provide integrators with the flexibility to blend Crestron 70 Series Touch Screens into any environment, no matter the stage or timeline of the project.

The New Construction mounts, designed for drywall/concrete installations, are completely integrated with the wall. The Retrofit mounts are designed for quick installations and easy upgrades, for nearly flush installation with no need for drywall or paintwork. The Solid Surface mounts provide clean, flush installations for wood, metal, marble, glass, and other solid surface applications.

Like all Wall-Smart solutions, these mounts were custom designed specifically for the Crestron 70 Series Touch Screens, taking into consideration the Crestron mounting brackets, in addition to all thermal, audio, and other technical requirements.

The New Construction mounts rest entirely even with the wall, creating a flush, finished appearance for a complete pre-construction mounting solution. With these mounts, the touch screen becomes a seamless part of the wall – a truly invisible look. Furthermore, the mounts are designed to be painted after installation to match the wall color and texture. The Solid Surface mounts are completely flush with the surface as well. For an easier installation without the need for drywall construction or paintwork, the Retrofit mounts provide an elegant and nearly flush-mounted option. All Wall-Smart mounts for Crestron 70 Series provide homeowners with a very clean, cordless appearance.

Using the Wall-Smart mounts, the Crestron 70 Series Touch Screens can be mounted in drywall, concrete, glass, granite, marble, wood paneling, plaster, masonry, or any other surface. The New Construction mounts are designed for installation in 1/2" drywall, or in 5/8" drywall using shim packs. Masonry and concrete applications are accommodated using a concrete adaptor in addition to the New Construction mount. The Solid Surface mounts are suitable for lecterns & podiums and perfect for mounting in glass walls or partition walls. The Retrofit mounts provide a post-construction solution for retrofitting the touch screens into existing drywall, without having to patch the wall surface. This is a 5-minute, easy mounting solution for upgrading an older wall-mounted Crestron touch screen with the latest 70 series technology.

All these solutions can be mounted in any orientation, making them suitable for the TSW 5" Portrait version. The Wall-Smart mounts for Crestron 70 Series are ideal for mounting the touch screens at the entrance to a meeting space for room scheduling applications.

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Wall-Smart Retrofit wall mount for Crestron TSW-1070 Touch Screen

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