Avoid Website Info Gathering with a Free VPN Access

Say goodbye to targeted advertising and posting.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — One of the most common strategies that websites do to generate revenue is through advertisements, and internet advertisements are different from ads people see via television or hear via radio. Websites track everyone who visits their site. Therefore, they know every visitor’s IP address.

For example, when a user visits an e-commerce site and then searches for a certain product, he will now frequently see ads promoting the similar product on every site he visits. Or, when an internet user “liked” a certain social media post, he will now see posts related to the thing he just “liked.”

Many are disturbed with this kind of strategy because it involves an internet user’s data and privacy. If one wants to avoid targeted advertising and promotion, connecting to a Virtual Private Network or a VPN can help.

VPN helps internet users assure their safety and security in cyberspace by encrypting every online activity. By encrypting this information, whatever the user has done online will not be seen and tracked by websites and other third parties. In other words, a user who is connected to a VPN is anonymous.

VPN does this job of securing users’ information by redirecting the user to a constructed remote server run by the VPN host. So when one browses the internet via VPN, the VPN server becomes the data source of the user. The VPN host filters the user’s data and creates a “new” IP address. So, even though third parties get a hold of the user’s “new” IP address, it would still be useless.

Key takeaway

An internet user’s security and privacy really matter, especially in this technology-dependent age. If an internet user wants to protect his online information, a VPN is an efficient tool for that. But, before delving into it, an ample amount of time must be reserved first for researching on what kind of VPN suits the user.

For starters, a safe free VPN like GoingVPN would help ensure the user of his online data privacy. GoingVPN is reliable, safe, secure, and high-speed free VPN. They offer unlimited data bandwidth and lightning-speed connection for every user’s browsing enjoyment.

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