WhereOS Launches an Innovation Platform for the Hyperconnected World

Example: create an interactive application to understand where your most profitable customers live in

WhereOS has created a platform to speed up innovation projects and to reduce time to market for new innovative services and solutions that are based on data.

HELSINKI, FINLAND, January 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — We live in a hyperconnected world where businesses are getting an extremely large amount of information about their business and customers. Hyperconnected world will inevitably lead companies to re-think their business; ability to innovate fast and adapt to the change is the key to the future business success.

When connecting objects across your entire business, you are able to collect real-time data, pre-empt your customers needs and create better user experience. When data is collected, processed and made actionable through applications or visualizations, you can build better products and services for your customers.

In the future, to create new innovative solutions that are based on data, new kinds of technologies, tools, processes and methodologies are needed. In order to create innovations that change the way you work with customers, partners and supply chains, you need a platform, which brings different stakeholders together. You engage simultaneously with your customers, suppliers and developer partners to co-create new kinds of services and solutions.

WhereOS is an innovation platform, which helps you to use data from any data source, such as datalakes, data warehouses, databases, real-time IoT platforms and devices. WhereOS helps you to create AI solutions, APIs and applications using the data, and for example open it up easily for internal developers and 3rd party start-ups to innovate through challenge competitions, or alternatively use WhereOS partner network to bring in AI specialists to turn your data into something valuable.

JP Partanen, Chief Data Scientist

Source: EIN Presswire