Getting Started with a Free VPN

It goes with safety, security, privacy, and the list goes on.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 24, 2021 / — Even though an internet user goes incognito or deletes search histories, third parties in cyberspace like websites, cyberthieves, internet service providers, and the government can still see his online activities. Probably, some of these third parties even log these data for record purposes.

Fret not, though. There is a simple solution to this dilemma: by connecting to a VPN.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a tool that enables its users to connect to a “private virtual tunnel.” This creates a secure space for users to remain hidden and keep their IP address untraceable.

Because of this, trackers would not know where the internet user’s exact location is as VPNs have a server location feature that lets their users choose their “new” location.

For starters, here are the ways on how a VPN could help users when it comes to their daily online activities:

1. Accessibility on geo-blocked contents

There are certain websites and apps that are banned in some regions of the world as some countries have strict censorship. Because of this, internet users from those countries could not open these sites and could not download banned apps.

2. Data encryption

Public Wi-Fis are great innovations but they could be dangerous. An internet user’s significant data like home address, contact number, and credit and banking details tend to be more vulnerable when connected to a public Wi-Fi.

3. Avoid target advertising

Whenever an internet user searches for a certain product in e-commerce sites, chances are that he will see relevant advertisement posts on every website he visits. This is made possible because of the website cookies. These websites track the IP address of every visitor they had for them to “advertise” products that the users had searched or clicked.

4. Bypass bandwidth throttling

Whenever the user’s internet service provider sees an online traffic mostly caused by streaming and file sharing, they slow down the internet speed to stabilize the internet packet.

5. Save money

Product prices seen on e-commerce sites are different depending on the internet user’s current location. To get the best deal, connecting to a VPN to canvass prices per area/country is a wise strategy to use. Users will avoid e-commerce sites’ location-based price targeting strategy and could get their desired items on the cheapest price available.

Speaking of saving money, internet users can also save money by installing a good free VPN like GoingVPN. With benefits and features seen on paid or premium VPNs, anyone could have a great and secure time browsing the internet without paying anything.

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Source: EIN Presswire