Setting up a Free VPN Connection

For added security and privacy online, connect to a trusted VPN service.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 30, 2021 / — In a modern society where the majority of the population rely on the internet, some groups of people take advantage of this wondrous innovation. There are cyberthieves that steal personal information of internet users, website cookies that track each user’s online activities for targeted advertising, and other online third-parties that trace internet users’ browsing activities for their own purposes.

Whatever these third parties’ reasons may be, it is quite unsettling that there are people who can see what you do online. It feels like an invasion of privacy.

Good thing is, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) guarantees internet users of their security and privacy. A VPN organizes a connection between the user’s device and the internet. By connecting to a VPN, the data traffic of the user is encrypted through a “virtual tunnel” powered by the VPN tool. As a result, the user will have a newly curated IP address so that the real IP address would be masked and invisible to the third parties.

Choosing the Right Free VPN

VPN is becoming more popular these days and it’s getting more difficult to choose what kind of VPN is suitable for every user as there are several VPN tools to choose from- from paid VPNs to free VPNs. As for the users who don’t want to shell out some cash or are just new to the idea, that is VPN, a free VPN could be worth the try.

A little tip: the best free VPN services have tight encryptions that allow BitTorrent traffic. As for added features, free VPNs that offer unlimited bandwidth is also a great criteria for the users’ online browsing pleasure.

Also, while doing research on what free VPN tool is the most suitable for one’s browsing needs, he must carefully read the VPN’s privacy terms. One must make sure that the VPN does not collect any online users’ data. Also, find time to notice if the terms of service section is written clearly and easy to understand. To test out a free VPN, check out this free VPN tool.

Establishing a Free VPN Connection

Once an internet user has chosen a VPN tool, he has to download that certain VPN service. After the download, open the VPN service then choose a server location. Press the “Connect” button found in the middle of the main interface and wait for the connection to be established. Once the VPN is done connecting to the device, exit the app and one may enjoy online browsing with added security and privacy.

Safety Precautions

Although a VPN is helpful in many ways, an internet user must understand that this tool also has its limitations.

While some of the VPNs have malware or ad blocker, the majority have no features like these. To add security on one’s device, it is better to install an antivirus software to further protect one’s devices from malware attacks. It is also advisable to change one’s passwords every now and then.
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Source: EIN Presswire