Indigo Tech to Deliver Grid Sustainable Robotic Wheel EVs for The Digital-First Economy

Project Bravo with robotic wheels

Project Bravo with robotic wheels



Will Graylin - CEO of Indigo Technologies

Will Graylin – CEO of Indigo Technologies

Indigo’s patented robotic wheels enable breakthrough ultra-efficient electric vehicles with superior ride comfort and handling

WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, March 8, 2021 / — Indigo Technologies, the MIT-born electric mobility company and OEM that invented the robotic wheel with electric suspension and propulsion integrated into each wheel, will deliver ultra-efficient light EVs with superior ride comfort and handling previously not achievable with conventional motor and suspension systems. Indigo’s first EVs will hit the roads in late 2022 and are designed for the millions of drivers delivering packages, food and people for the fast growing digital-first economy. These drivers and transportation network companies desperately need to reduce their cost per mile of service and will benefit from the accessibility to sustainable mobility. Indigo EVs will be rented, leased and insured in select cities through a strategic partnership with OV Loop, a FinTech InsurTech innovator.

The best way to reduce cost-per-mile and CO2-per-mile performance is to improve the car mass-to-payload ratio and make ultra-efficient EVs desirable and accessible through attractive product design and procurement options. The average American EV in 2020 costs $55K and weighs 4,000 pounds – a terrible ratio, where 95% of the electricity used for most trips is to transport the car’s own mass. Today’s grid capacity is already limited as seen in Texas recently, and the majority of electricity is still produced by burning coal and natural gas that emit CO2. Heavy EVs waste electricity leading to increased CO2 emissions, and require larger and more expensive batteries that take longer to charge. Today’s light EVs do not provide the comfort, handling and utility that people want. Responding to these problems, Indigo’s breakthrough robotic wheels enable a smooth ride and safe handling for light EVs at practically no additional cost, with more usable space for a new class of ultra-efficient and affordable EVs that radically reduce energy waste and cost per mile.

Indigo’s first EV will weigh less than 1,500 pounds, using a battery pack 3-times smaller and 3-times faster to charge on standard Level 2 chargers, and go 80 mph with a range of 230 miles and a 230-mpg equivalent. The purpose-built EVs will come in two variants initially, a 4-wheel microvan and a 3-wheel delivery pod. These are designed for ride hail, delivery and essential services with a center driver seat, plenty of cargo space, and two sliding doors to provide safe and easy ingress and egress from either side. Indigo's target base price is under $20,000 in addition to its rental/leasing program through a partnership with OV Loop at a cost lower than owning and operating combustion engine vehicles.

“To truly become sustainable – environmentally and economically – we must scale the adoption of ultra-efficient EVs with Energy Star ratings like electrical appliances,” said Will Graylin, Indigo CEO. “Indigo’s breakthroughs finally enable comfortable EVs that are radically more efficient and affordable for the tens of millions of drivers serving our digital-first economy.” Graylin became CEO of Indigo in early 2020 to set the company’s new direction, adding top notch leaders to its existing team of engineers and scientists from MIT.

About Indigo Technologies, Inc.
Indigo is delivering radically more efficient, comfortable and affordable EVs, purpose built for ride hail, delivery, and essential services, leveraging its patented robotic wheel technology. Beyond breakthrough EV technology, Indigo is also combining innovative FinTech and InsurTech from its partner OV Loop to make affordable transportation more accessible to everyone.

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Source: EIN Presswire