Business Reporter: With the imminent proliferation of connected devices IoT security needs to be taken seriously

How organisations and IoT security solution providers can help manufacturers to comply

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 23, 2021 / — In a video published on Business Reporter, Haydn Povey, CEO and founder of Secure Thingz, a company of the IAR Systems Group offering development tools for embedded systems, explains how businesses selling industrial, home and smart city IoT devices can become compliant with recent European and global regulations on IoT security by implementing out-of-the-box security solutions.

Although standards and regulations on IoT security are emerging around the world, such as the European EN 303 645 requirement, the vast majority of businesses manufacturing devices with embedded systems are having difficulties making sense of them and complying. The beneficiaries of this uncertainty are hackers who breach weak IoT systems to capture private data, impact services, or illegally access intellectual property.

Compliance with IoT security regulations can no longer stop at the point of sale , but must be extended along the products full life cycle comprising mid-life security upgrades and the post-consumer extraction of private data from end-of-life or second-hand products.

The established way of making IoT devices secure today is providing them with additional chips or layers of software on top of the application, which may prove too costly and impact system flexibility negatively. Secure Thingz has adopted a different approach relying on a security-first implementation, leveraging an extensive development ecosystem consisting of its 47 thousand Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) clients and 170, 000 active developers to implement the best practices of IoT security. This methodology ensures the lowest possible cost and a fully scalable solution protecting intellectual property, inhibiting supply chain theft, and preventing malware injection whilst providing a scalable solution for update management and lifecycle protection.

IAR Systems and Secure Thingz are founding members of the IoT Security Foundation, a collaborative, non-profit, international response to the complex challenges posed by cybersecurity in a hyper-connected world, while Haydn Povey currently sits on its Executive Steering Committee. The Foundation has developed an IoT Security Compliance Framework enabling organisations to implement a self-certification methodology that covers the 13 best practices for security and secure- by-design guidelines that underpin modern legislation.

To learn more about IoT security regulations and compliance , watch the video.

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