The Summit Evolution Photogrammetric Software Works With Drone Imagery to Revolutionize American DOTs

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ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2021 / — DAT/EM Systems International released a new report detailing how American DOTs are increasing their use of drone imagery and seeing many benefits as a result. Aerial imagery captured by drones can be plugged into the Summit Evolution to gather essential data through creating 3D images and topographical maps.

The Summit Evolution Software is a type of photogrammetry software used to capture and analyze 3D information from stereo data using a wide range of imagery sources. It offers unlimited zoom levels and can be used for a variety of industry needs, including supporting DOTs in surveying, inspecting, and monitoring roads.

The report from DAT/EM breaks down how drones save American DOTs money, especially when compared to taking photography or videography from helicopters or airplanes, which was previously the main method for gathering aerial imagery. While top-range drones typically cost $5000 or less, helicopters with AGPS and IMU capability can cost close to $100,000.

Drones also streamline road inspections, a common task for DOTs. Using drones allows DOTs to replace heavy equipment and large crews with one or two people controlling a single UAV.

DOTs use drone photogrammetry for a wide range of other uses including:

• Precision mapping
• Emergency response
• Weather and natural disaster monitoring
• Traffic control
• Project planning
• Paint striping
• Infrastructure inspections

These actions are made possible by Summit Evolution, which can support multiple types and import third-party softcopy and pre-processed UAS projects. It also works with a variety of customization tools and offers useful features like fast pan, multiple viewports, coordinate transformation, and more.

Summit Evolution comes in four product levels, including Summit UAS, which was designed specifically for use with UAV systems. It combines the Summit Evolution Lite package with the DAT/EM LandScape software, allowing users to superimpose 3D terrain point clouds over stereo pairs or orthophoto.

DAT/EM Systems International is a photogrammetric software development company based in Alaska. The company offers innovative, affordable solutions, including Summit Evolution, for industries that rely on photogrammetry software. Interested Parties can learn more at the DAT/EM website.

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Source: EIN Presswire