BLAUX Launches New BLXBuds Earbuds with Both Active Noise Cancellation and Bass Boost

pack of BLXBuds and charging case

BLXbuds wireless earbuds

specifications of BLXBuds earbuds

BLXbuds wireless earbuds specs

IPX4 sweat resistant BLXBuds earbuds

Sweat resistant BLXBuds

BLXBuds are new high quality earbuds that guarantee a rich media experience for audiophiles. Great features and value for money.

Great battery life performance, active noise cancellation so you can listen to music/podcast without any interruptions. I have multiple types of earbuds, BlauxBuds fits my ear the best.”

— Shay H.

SELETAR, SINGAPORE, November 11, 2021 / — About BLXbuds Wireless Earbuds

When the world saw the introduction of Bluetooth earphones and headphones, it was all a matter of time before it became everyone’s must-have item. And it happened not without reason – cordless headphones or earphones are far more convenient and pleasant to use. The story does not end here. Soon various brands introduced wireless earbuds that were much better in terms of quality and design than their early predecessors. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, their products cost an arm and a leg. But as technology evolved, soon enough companies were able to produce affordable and high-quality alternatives for the general public.

BLXBuds is one of these brands that have managed to make a successful product at a fraction of a cost. They were off to a great start, and they continue to grow, excelling in what they do. Their earbuds are genuinely great, and even crazy audiophiles applaud BLXBuds.
BLXBuds has been described by the manufacturers and users as a revolutionary wireless earbud and media tool. Most high-performance gadgets are said to be worth the money but not BLXBuds, customers have frequently asserted that it provides significantly more value than its cost, rivalling more popular brands, hence the popularity.
With the world fast moving in the path of wireless technology, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to service users with quality media tools. Ear buds come in various specifications and shapes and have a large market, thanks to the wireless culture.

What makes BLXBuds so great? First of all, they are the definition of comfort. One could wear them for hours without feeling sore. It’s not only that – BLXBuds also make a stylish accessory that goes with any attire, whether it’s business or casual. But it’s not the most important part. BLXBuds deliver insane sound quality. One may think that their ridiculously low price compromises the quality of these earbuds. The truth is – the sound quality is unaffected! Strong bass combined with fantastic range and crystal-clear sounds – BLXBuds has it all.

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Long-lasting battery.
With BLXBuds, enjoy up to 18 hours with charging case, 4.5 hours of listening time. Thanks to their powerful battery, you can use BLXBuds for hours without recharging.

Maximum comfort.
It comes with 3 different sized ear tips to ensure the user gets a snug fit. It can be used while running without constantly adjusting to avoid falling out.

It is compatible with ios, android and PC devices. This is unlike wired earphones that cannot be used across different devices due to variations in type of port.

IPX4 water-resistance.
BLXBuds can withstand sweat and so suitable for runners. Note that it is not suitable for swimming, it can however withstand water splashes.

Benefits of Using this Product
Wireless ear buds will enable you to be hands-free and cord-free.
This will also make it very easy to work out while listening to music on your phone. To make it short, using wireless earbuds is convenient.
Wireless earbuds have high-quality sound.
Most wireless earbuds have better sound quality than wired earphones. They also come with noise cancellation and bass boosting features.
They are convenient.
Wired earphones can be inconveniencing with the wires dangling all around, especially when you are on the go or multitasking.
Better usage.
A single ear bud can be used across multiple devices. Some wired earphones can’t fit into other devices due to variations in port.

A lot of these ear buds leave users with impressive media experiences from calls to video chats, conferences, music and more. However, a number of them have become favorites due to performance and BLXBuds is one of such.
BLXBuds wireless earphone is one of the brands that have become successful and constantly applauded by users for its design, snug fit and audio quality amongst many other features. Penny for penny, it’s worth more than the cost of acquisition.

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Source: EIN Presswire