Lomiko (TSX-V: LMR, OTC: LMRMF, FSE: DH8C) Closes Raise of $ 1,167,552

Lomiko (TSX-V: LMR, OTC: LMRMF, FSE: DH8C)Private Placement Close Raise of $ 1,167,552

Lomiko (TSX:LMR)

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, November 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lomiko Closes Raise of $ 1,167,552

Lomiko Metals Inc.(“Lomiko”)(TSX-V: LMR, OTC: LMRMF, FSE: DH8C) announces it has closed the 3rd and final tranche of its private placement and will issue 12,400,000 units at $0.05 per unit for proceeds of $620,000. Each unit will be comprised of one share and one share purchase warrant, with each warrant exercisable at a price of $0.10 for a period of two years from closing. A finder’s fee of 10% cash has been agreed to be paid. Proceeds will be used for working capital. In total, the Company has raised $1,167,552

The securities to be issued pursuant to the 3rd tranche will have a hold period expiring March 8, 2018. The closing of the transaction, the issuance of the securities and the payment of the finder’s fee is subject to the final approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.

For more information, review the website at www.lomiko.com, or contact A. Paul Gill at 604-729-5312 or by email at: info@lomiko.com.


A. Paul Gill,
President and Chief Executive Officer

We seek safe harbor. Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

View source version on investorsnews.ca: https://investorsnews.ca/lomiko-closes-raise-of-1167552/

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Lomiko closes private placement /exploration planned on graphite property prior to completing PEA

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Nex Flow Safety Air Guns

Air amplifying nozzles meet OSHA standards for safety and are noise reducing. Used with quality air guns they can save energy and improve the work environment.

RICHMIOND HILL, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nex Flow Air Products Corp. now offers three types of air guns that are ideal for any factory environment:

The Easy Grip air gun with air amplifying nozzles ad an option to add extensions and even swivels at the end of the extension to get into difficult areas.

The Easy Grip "light" is a small air gun with a very small air amplifying safety nozzle for smaller target blow off applications.


The Hand Comfort button air gun for those who prefer a very small air gun with push button activation instead of a trigger.

All air guns have ergonometric designed for comfortable use. Each type of air gun has various options for blow off with the Easy Grip the most flexible to allow extensions added so they can blow into hard to get to locations.

Les Rapchak
Nex Flow Air Products Corp.
+1 416-410-1313
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NoviFlow Unleashes Terabit Scale Switching with Faucet Open Source SDN Controller, NoviWare NOS and Barefoot Tofino

World’s First Deployment of Faucet with NoviFlow’s NoviWare NOS and P4-Programmable Terabit Scale Forwarding Plane with Barefoot Tofino-Powered Switch at SC18

By deploying Faucet on Barefoot Tofino, NoviFlow is proving that Faucet provides a compelling new SDN option for existing and greenfield networks with unprecedented price performance and flexibility.”

— Dominique Jodoin, President, and CEO of NoviFlow

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, November 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — NoviFlow® Inc., a leading vendor of high-performance SDN network operating software (NOS), cybersecurity middleware and programmable network solutions, today announced that it has deployed its NoviWare NOS on Barefoot Networks’ P4-programmable Barefoot Tofino™-based 6.5 Tbps switches with the Faucet open source OpenFlow controller as part of SCinet, the SC Conference's dedicated high-capacity network.

Faucet moves network control functions (like routing protocols, neighbor discovery, and switching algorithms) to vendor independent server-based software, versus traditional router or switch embedded firmware, where those functions are easy to manage, test, and extend with modern systems management best practices and tools. Faucet controls OpenFlow compatible hardware, including switches using the 6.5 Tbps Barefoot Tofino networking chip with NoviFlow’s NoviWare NOS. Features of Faucet include:
• IPv4 and IPv6 support
• Static and BGP routing
• Flexible port and VLAN based Access Control Lists
• Port mirroring
• Vendor neutral stacking of OpenFlow switches
• Policy-based forwarding to offload processing to external systems (E.g., 802.1x via hostapd)
• Dataplane for NFV – Offload functions such as DHCP, NTP, Firewall, and IDS
• Grafana-based dashboards for monitoring
• Prometheus integration for monitoring and instrumentation of FAUCET
• Influxdb support for time-series OpenFlow port statistics
• Comprehensive test suite

Faucet has been deployed in production around the world. Some of the sites include REANNZ, AARNet, ESnet, Victoria University of Wellington, The University of Tokyo, WIDE Project, Toulouse Internet Exchange and WAND Group Waikato University.

This year, Faucet will be deployed as part of SCinet, the dedicated high-capacity network for the SC Conference, designed and built by volunteer experts from industry, academia, and government. Planning begins more than a year in advance of each SC Conference and culminates in a high-intensity installation that, for the duration of the conference, is the fastest and most powerful network in the world. NoviFlow’s NoviWare Network Operating System, the first commercially deployed SDN NOS for P4-programmable Barefoot Tofino-based Ethernet switches, will be running on Tofino-based hardware in the Faucet controlled part of SCinet. NoviWare is the SDN industry’s most complete and highest performance implementation of the OpenFlow 1.3/1.4/1.5 standard for use in switches, cybersecurity solutions, WAN IP/MPLS routers, network and VNF acceleration platforms, and other high-bandwidth data plans.

“Barefoot is pleased to see NoviFlow create a high-performance forwarding plane for Faucet features using Barefoot Tofino and the Barefoot P4 Studio Software Development Environment, enabling a switching platform to meet the stringent performance requirements of SC18’s SCinet,” said Arkadiy Shapiro, Product Line Manager, Core Software and Solution Partnerships at Barefoot Networks. “NoviFlow’s expertise in P4 and ability to leverage open source projects uniquely positions them to bring to market differentiated solutions for next-generation networks.”

According to Richard Nelson, Co-chair of the Faucet Foundation: “NoviFlow, a founding member of the Faucet Foundation, is a pioneer in programmable match-action pipelines. We see the deployment in SCinet of Faucet with Tofino hardware running NoviFlow’s NoviWare as an expression of confidence in the Faucet Controller, our organization, and in our efforts to foster an efficient, flexible and cost-effective Open Source SDN-controller solution.”

Says Dominique Jodoin, President, and CEO of NoviFlow: “NoviFlow’s participation in Faucet is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that our products support the widest range of Open Source OpenFlow controllers, and the use cases and usage models that each one enables. This commitment to openness has played a great part in NoviFlow’s products being chosen by educational institutions and national research networks around the globe including AARN, CISRO, FIU, KTH, NCSU, PSCNC, SURFNet, UNSW amongst many others. By deploying Faucet on Barefoot Tofino at SC18, NoviFlow is proving that in a world where fluid and flexible information technologies are increasingly the key to success, Faucet provides a compelling new SDN-based option for both existing and greenfield networks, with unprecedented price performance and flexibility.”

The Faucet OpenFlow Controller running on NoviWare/Tofino-powered switches will be featured in the SCinet at SC18, Nov. 12-16, 2018 in Dallas, Texas.

NoviFlow Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance SDN Network Operating Software (NOS), Cybersecurity Middleware and Programmable Network Solutions to network carriers, data center operators, government agencies and enterprises seeking greater control, security and flexibility over their networks. NoviFlow has offices in Montreal, Boston, Sunnyvale and Seattle, and representatives in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. For more information, visit http://noviflow.com/. Follow NoviFlow on Twitter @NoviFlowInc.

Barefoot Networks launched in 2016 after two years of developing technology that built switch silicon with a forwarding plane that is defined in software while not compromising on performance. Barefoot empowers network owners and their infrastructure partners to design, optimize, and innovate to meet their specific requirements and gain competitive advantage. In combining the P4 programming language with fast programmable switches, Barefoot has also created an ecosystem for compilers, tools, and P4 programs to make P4 accessible to anybody. Barefoot Networks is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is backed by strategic investors including Alibaba, Dell Technology Capital, Google Inc., Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments, Hewlett Packard Pathfinder, and Tencent, and by premier venture capital firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed, and Sequoia Capital. For more information, visit https://barefootnetworks.com/. Follow us on Twitter: @barefootnetwork.

Barefoot Networks, the Foot Logo, Tofino, P4 Studio are trademarks of Barefoot Networks. NoviFlow, NoviSwitch, NoviWare are trademarks of NoviFlow Inc.

Media Contacts:

Alison Flood
Barefoot Networks
barefoot@10fold.com or +1 415-317-4089

Marc LeClerc
NoviFlow Inc.
+1 438-807-4363
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Marcus Blackwell of Make Music Count Helps Adults and Children Learn Math and Music Faster and Easier

The Make Music Count app takes innovation and piano playing to the next level and uses STEAM learning to its full potential.

The Make Music Count app takes innovation and piano playing to the next level and uses STEAM learning to its full potential.

Marcus Blackwell, Jr. CEO and Founder of Make Music Count.

Marcus Blackwell, Jr. CEO and Founder of Make Music Count.

The app has been designed to excite students about learning mathematics, creating a major buzz as parents, teachers and students can use the app at home as well.

The app has been designed to excite students about learning mathematics, creating a major buzz as parents, teachers and students can use the app at home as well.

The Piano Legend Has Introduced a Remarkable Educational Technology APP that Parents, Teachers and Students Can Use to Blend Math With Music

This app is my contribution for learning music and math as the kids I teach know I’ve been in their shoes, that’s why the students are attracted to it.”

— Marcus Blackwell, Jr. CEO and Founder of Make Music Count

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Make Music Count has proudly announced that it is blending music with math like never before through its sensational new smartphone application. The app is now available for downloading on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android users worldwide making learning math through music more convenient than ever before.

The app has been designed to excite students about learning mathematics, creating a major buzz as parents, teachers and students can use the app at home as well. The app takes innovation and piano playing to the next level and uses STEAM learning to its full potential.

“Make Music Count is a next generation curriculum that will change lives and serve as an example of how we should think outside the box in order to properly teach children,” said Marcus Blackwell, Jr. the CEO and Founder of Make Music Count. “We take current tunes the kids are listening to and create math problems to solve for each note. When the song is played right, the math problem is correct” he added. According to Blackwell, the Make Music Count program is being used in more than 60+ schools around the country and is a method that can break down the barrier that prevents students from learning math.

Blackwell is a living legend in the music industry, his piano skills were inspired by the church and his formal training at school. He started playing piano at the age of five years of age and through the years, even though he was a good student, he did have a math phobia. “This app is my contribution for learning music and math as the kids I teach know I’ve been in their shoes, that’s why the students are attracted to it,” he said.

Blackwell is a graduate Morehouse College with a B.S. in Mathematics and worked for GE Energy as a Lead Modeling Analyst while serving as the Music Director and pianist at Elizabeth Baptist Church.

“Make Music Count was created after I realized how I learned to play the piano,” said Blackwell. “As a pianist and organist who plays music by ear, I realized I built my music chords by applying mathematics versus simply listening and playing what I heard,” he added.

According to the Blackwell, learning music through math is more engaging, interesting, and exciting for the students. Another amazing fact about this inspiring initiative is that this new curriculum sees an average of 28% increase in math test scores.

Some of the key features and benefits of this new app are that it is excellent for students with special needs and dyslexia. Similarly, learning math and solving problems enhances the mental growth of the student and makes them smarter and more active. This app is one of the fastest ways to learn piano and be able to play like a professional. The Educational Technology (EdTech) application is basically a 2 for one application, which is all about building confidence and performance.

“We are proudly offering this game-changing app for schools to license and use during the school day as a math and music supplement,” said Blackwell. “Parents, teachers and students can download the app on any device and use at home too,” he added.

For media inquiries, contact Kelly Bennett, at Bennett Unlimited PR at (949) 463-6383 or Kelly@bpunlimited.com.

To find out more about Make Music Count, visit www.makemusiccount.com. Follow Marcus Blackwell, Jr. and Make Music Count at Twitter and Instagram @makemusiccount and on Facebook at makemusiccountLLC. You can find the app for Make Music Count for iOS at itunes.apple.com/us/app/make-music-count/id1334803798?mt=8 and for Android users at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.makemusiccount.android&hl=en_US.

Kelly Bennett
Bennett Unlimited PR
+1 949-463-6383
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“Make Music Count is a next generation curriculum that will change lives.

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BPM Microsystems Introduces Self-Teaching Automated Programming System

4910 interior

The 4910 viewed from the inside of the machine

4910 exterior

4910 Automated Programming System— First Self-Teaching APS

Reggie Fields, Quality Manager and Colin Harper, 4910 Project Manager, discuss the progress on the 4910 APS

Rated at 1,708 Devices per Hour (DPH) on actual tray-tray jobs, the 4910 improves productivity by 43% compared to the prior model

WhisperTeach+ dramatically reduces the setup errors and gets jobs running rapidly, allowing our customers to produce more devices… The 4910 is the fastest universal APS on the market today.”

— William White, founder and President of BPM Microsystems

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — BPM Microsystems, a leading global provider of device programming systems, announced today another advance to off-line programming— the 4910. Rated at 1,708 Devices per Hour (DPH) on actual tray-tray jobs, the 4910 improves productivity by 43% compared to the prior model.

"The 4910 continues our legacy of ground-breaking innovation around the most important issues to our automotive, OEM and programming center customers—productivity and quality," says William White, founder and President of BPM Microsystems. "The 4910's self-teaching capability, WhisperTeach+, dramatically reduces the setup errors and gets jobs running rapidly, allowing our customers to produce more devices per shift consistent with the goal of having zero defects. The 4910 is the fastest universal APS on the market today."

The 4910 is the first programmer with WhisperTeach+: a feature that automatically teaches X, Y, Z and Theta for each socket position. BPM won the NPI Software Award earlier this year for WhisperTeach™, which automatically teaches the critical Z-height to within 15 microns in less than 8 seconds. WhisperTeach+ further advances automated teaching capability by automatically teaching socket locations and starting the programming job. With 12 sites and up to 48 sockets, WhisperTeach+ can save as much as an hour per job.

"Our engineering team is intently focused on making our automated programming systems the most productive in the industry, not just in maximum DPH, but also in terms of ease-of-use, quality and system up-time,” says Colin Harper, Product Manager on the 4910. “With WhisperTeach+, we're fundamentally changing the way new jobs are created. By combining incredible accuracy and repeatability with our proprietary autonomous teach process, job setup has never been easier and changeover between jobs has never been faster,” says Harper.

BPM will demonstrate the 4910 at Electronica on November 13 through 16 in Munich, Germany. They will also showcase their recently launched 3910 APS. BPM and their European partner Adaptsys can be found in Hall B5, Stand 138.

To find out more, please visit BPM’s newly updated website, https://bpmmicro.com/programmers/automated-programmers/4910-2/


Scott Bronstad, Marketing Communications
BPM Microsystems Inc
+1 713-688-4600
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The 4910: The First Self-Teaching Automated Programming System, from BPM Microsystems

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The Funnest Tech Reward Launches in Santa Monica

Refer a Friend for a Tech Job to Help Fund STEM Camp & Enjoy a Fun Tech Reward www.RecruitingforGood.com

Refer a Friend for a Tech Job to Help Fund STEM Camp & Enjoy a Fun Tech Reward www.RecruitingforGood.com

Staffing Agency, Recruiting for Good is rewarding professionals who participate to help fund STEM camp scholarships; with the best and funnest tech gadgets.

Refer a Friend for a Tech Job to Help Fund STEM Camp & Enjoy a Fun Tech Reward”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recruiting for Good launched L.A's Funnest cause and service 'helping fund summer camp.' The staffing agency will reward candidate referrals that lead to someone getting hired for an engineering and IT position; with a donation to help fund STEM camp scholarships and the best tech gadget.

According to Recruiting for Good, Founder Carlos Cymerman, “We're using recruiting to make a difference fun and rewarding. Simply refer a friend for an awesome tech job to help fund summer camp scholarships; and enjoy a Go Pro (Hero 7), or a tablet (Apple iPad Pro 11 inch or Microsoft Surface Pro 5th Generation).”

How to Help Fund STEM Camp and Enjoy Fun Tech Gadgets

1. Introduce a friend or family member looking for an engineering or IT position (must be living in the US, and be a US Citizen, US resident, or EAD)
2. Recruiting for Good finds the referred candidate an awesome tech job (and they complete probation period).
3. Recruiting for Good donates $500 to a (STEM) camp scholarship; and rewards one tech gadget.

Carlos Cymerman adds, "Join Recruiting for Good today to fund STEM camp….and enjoy fun rewards. These are 3 STEM camps we love to help fund; Digital Media Academy, Girls Who Code, and iD Tech."


Recruiting for Good is a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals awesome jobs, since 1998. Companies retain us to find the best talent in Engineering, and Information Technology. We launched L.A.'s funnest cause and service "Helping Fund Summer Camp." Join to help fund STEM camp scholarships and enjoy the funnest tech gadget rewards. To learn more visit www.RewardingTech.com

Fund Summer Camp, our fun purpose is to prepare kids for tomorrow's jobs by investing in enriching life experiences that inspire creativity, help kids find their passion and grow from within. Our purposeful funding service is confidential and personal. We meet moms to explain how recruiting referrals work; and how funding happens. To learn more visit www.FundSummerCamp.com

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
+1 310-720-8324
email us here
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2nd Race for Car Sponsored by Official Technology Solutions Provider of Stewart-Haas Racing ITsavvy

ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault

ITsavvy Logo

ITsavvy just announced the second race of its sponsored Stewart-Haas Racing racecar, driven by Clint Bowyer, this Sunday, Nov. 11 at ISM Raceway near Phoenix.

Clint has an edge about him that we like; it fits who we are as a winning IT products and technology solutions provider that strategically pushes limits.”

— ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault

ADDISON, ILL., U.S., November 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — ITsavvy, Official Technology Solutions Provider of Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR), just announced the second race of its sponsored racecar, driven by Clint Bowyer, this Sunday, Nov. 11 at ISM Raceway near Phoenix.
The playoff race will determine which drivers advance to the Championship 4 round. Clint Bowyer is currently in seventh place and will need to win this race to advance to the final playoff race at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Nov. 18.
Of the final eight drivers with a chance to fill the remaining positions in the Championship 4 round, a remarkable four are SHR drivers. The driver that wins the Phoenix race will automatically qualify.
ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault said, “We wish all four SHR drivers the best of luck. Everyone at ITsavvy is pulling for Clint to win on Sunday—primarily because he has become a friend of our company. Clint has an edge about him that we like; it fits who we are as a winning IT products and technology solutions provider that strategically pushes limits.”
ITsavvy has a multiyear partnership with SHR, sponsoring Bowyer’s No. 14 Ford Fusion. The car debuted Sept. 22 at Richmond (Va.) Raceway. ITsavvy will also serve as an associate sponsor at additional races.
The car’s paint scheme features ITsavvy orange along with a computer circuit board; chosen to celebrate the computer technology used in building and managing winning NASCAR racecars and to express appreciation for information technology professionals. Bowyer and his pit crew have similarly themed-firesuits.
Since its debut in 2009 as a two-car NASCAR Cup Series team, SHR has grown to become a four-car NASCAR Cup Series team while also fielding additional teams in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. In its 10-year history, SHR has won two NASCAR Cup Series championships and more than 50 races. It employs nearly 400 people, including an engineering staff of 50.
“SHR provides ITsavvy with the additional credibility we need to work with the nearly half of America’s Fortune 100 companies that invest in the NASCAR world,” Theriault said. “Everything we do is about ensuring that our clients pull ahead of the competition.”
ITsavvy is a leader in tailored, end-to-end IT product and service solutions. ITsavvy built its reputation as a value-added reseller with industry-leading product availability, design and implementation, client support and delivery speed through 46 distribution centers across the U.S. ITsavvy also has data center locations in Cedar Knolls, N.J. and Oak Brook, Ill. The company’s user-friendly website provides concise, leading-edge IT decision-making resources, including an
e-commerce site with real-time pricing and availability. ITsavvy is headquartered in Addison, Ill., with offices in Chicago’s Loop; Hauppauge, N.Y.; New York, N.Y.; Naples, Fla.; Miami; Indianapolis; Warren, N.J.; Davenport, Iowa; Hayward, Calif.; and Beavercreek, Ohio. Call 855.ITsavvy (855.487.2889), email info@ITsavvy.com, visit www.ITsavvy.com.
Full release at: https://www.itsavvy.com/2nd-race-for-car-sponsored-by-official-technology-solutions-provider-of-stewart-haas-racing-itsavvy/

Jeanna Van Rensselar
Smart PR Communications
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With Friendcentive, You Can Buy With a Little Help From Your Friends

Friendcentive lets shoppers take home great items for just $1

New app offers anything for $1 – if you can convince people to vote for your pitch

This is a chance for online shoppers to show off their ‘convince me’ skills”

— Art Douglas, Friendcentive Spokesperson

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 8, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new app called Friendcentive is rewarding clever online bargain-hunters by offering them the chance to purchase any item for $1 – if they can convince enough of the other prospective buyers to vote for them to have it.

Users join campaigns for items they want to purchase (like shoes, laptops or electronics) by paying $1 for a pitch. When enough pitches have been entered to pay for the item, all the buyers get to vote on whose pitch they like the best (obviously, they can’t vote for themselves). The pitch with the most votes wins the prize, and everyone else pays the rest of the cost.

“This is a chance for online shoppers to show off their ‘convince me’ skills,” says Friendcentive spokesperson Art Douglas. “You want that laptop? Convince 500 other buyers that you’re the one who should get it. It’s an absolute blast, and you can come away with some amazing items for only a dollar.”

So, what happens when multiple pitches receive the same answer? Well, Douglas says that’s when the finalists get to really turn on the charm. If more than 6 participants have the same number of votes, a new round of voting begins to pick a clear winner. If fewer than 6 participants have the same number of votes, they get to turn to social media to help them round up enough votes to win.

“Friendcentive combines the excitement of a pitch contest with the viral components of other crowdsourcing platforms,” says Douglas. “If you make a social voting round, you start asking your social network to join you in voting for your pitch. Get enough of your friends and family to hop on the cause, and that laptop/game system/pair of sneakers is yours for a dollar.”

Friendcentive is currently available for download on the Google Play Store and will soon be released in the Apple Store. For more information about the app, go to www.friendcentive.com. Art Douglas is available for interviews. To schedule an interview, contact support@friendcentive.com.

About Friendcentive:

Friendcentive combines the fun and community of crowdsourcing, the excitement of an online auction, and the creativity of a pitch contest into one incredibly entertaining and lucrative buying experience, where participants can purchase anything they want for a good pitch and a dollar. More information is available at www.friendcentive.com.

Art Douglas
email us here
+1 415-985-8265
Visit us on social media:

How to use Friendcentive

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Dov Bechhofer Discusses Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Their Potential in Automobiles

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Computer Engineer Dov Bechhofer reflects on hydrogen fuel cell technology and how we have the potential to integrate it into our automobiles as a way to replace fossil fuels.

Fuel cells produce electrical energy that can be used to power heavy machinery without the harmful emissions we’re used to. Scientists have already applied fuel cell technology to power space shuttles, helping astronauts break the atmosphere and reach space while fighting against the pull of Earth’s gravity.

Although fuel cells are used today in select applications, Dov Bechhofer is hopeful that this revolutionary technology will make more mainstream and consumer-focused appearances in the future.

“The world is run on only around 20% of renewable energy right now. Automobiles account for a tremendous portion of air pollution, and if we can implement more clean energy into our cars, our environment would be much better off,” says Dov Bechhofer

Fuel cells are engine-like machines that can produce clean energy using hydrogen and oxygen (the basic components of water) to convert chemical energy into electricity. That electricity can then be used to power engines and act as an electrical generator. Already, scientists use fuel cells in cold, remote places such as in South Pole research centers to create energy where there’s little (if any).

A fuel cell is a stable machine without any need for moving parts unlike traditional engines. This makes it especially useful on space crafts where violent vibrations may undo vehicle integrity. Engineers like Dov Bechhofer hope to see that same space tech applied to automobiles on a large scale to help battery-powered cars in their fight to leave fossil fuels in the past.

Recently, scientists have tested out fuel cell technology in large vehicles such as buses, determining if they are a stable addition to mass public transportation systems. Car buyers may stumble across rare vehicles that already use fuel cell technology (such as the Hyundai ix35 FCEV and the Toyota Mirai) to test out on their own.

“There are a few restrictions that stop scientists from putting fuel cell technology into more widespread use, and the most notable is the cost of parts,” says Dov Bechhofer.

While fuel cells are stable and non-moving machines, the tremendous heat they produce is what’s holding most plans of implementation back. The materials needed to keep up the engine while producing that much heat are extremely expensive and not at all affordable for the average consumer. But scientists are working hard to find the happy medium between lowering the heat production and constructing engines with cheaper but suitable materials.

The energy produced from fuel cells are much kinder on the environment and atmosphere since the only byproduct––in most cases––is water. Along with other types of renewable energy being used today (such as wind turbines and solar panels), fuel cells are expected to phase out fossil fuels within the next few generations and help keep our planet clean for the generations after that.

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Majestic Electronics Signs Up Parker Poland to Distribute Majestic 12 Volt LED TVs

Majestic Electronics 12 Volt LED TV exports to Croatia via Parker Poland

Majestic Electronics established their United Kingdom office and continues expanding throughout Europe by signing up some of the best Marine distributors.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 8, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Majestic Electronics established their United Kingdom office just over a year ago and has been expanding the European market by signing up some of the best Marine distributors. Meridian Projekt is up and running for Croatia with a fully stocked warehouse of Majestic Marine TVs and other products. The latest power house distributor is Parker Poland who has been established for over 25 years and has excellent position in Poland by representing some of the largest marine brands.

Parker Poland is a manufacturer of durable Parker Ribs hybrid boats, whilst also being a leading importer and distributor of engines and boat accessories in Poland. They have an experienced dealer network consisting of more than 50 specialized dealers, of which almost half have service workshops for servicing and installations.

"Having worked with Parker for many years I know how well they are able to promote new technologies within the Polish marine market. We are very excited to be working with a professional and passionate distributor," says Matthew Forbes CEO of Majestic Electronics Europe.

Majestic Electronics dominates the 12 Volt Marine TV solutions for the Pacific and North American Markets by providing some of the world's largest boat building brands such as Regal Boats, Rinker Boats, Four Winns, Monterey Boats, Hydrasport and many others. One of the reasons so many boat builders make Majestic 12V TV’s their top choice is the ability to purchase one model which works locally and internationally due to it being the only TV in the world with global TV Tuners which allows the TVs to work in over 150 different countries. Adding to this the Majestic TV's are packed with features not found in any other 12 Volt LED TV brand such as Large voltage ranges so the TV can operate from 9V through to 27V DC, whilst being supported globally with a 3 Year Warranty by a company that has over 18 years engineering experience in the marine industry.

Majestic Electronics will be at METS Amsterdam in Nov on Stand – 01.553 showcasing the range of new products and signing up New Distributors.

Matthew Forbes
Majestic Electronics
0207 193 1919
email us here

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